Dave Grohl: “Money will kill you”

Dave Grohl is now, of course, a very wealthy man, but insists he still has “a funny relationship with money. Before I had any fucking money, I didn’t care about money. Once I got money, I didn’t care about money.” He frowns. “When I was young … I don’t know if I’ve ever told anybody this, but when I was 12 years old, my mother had a stroke, as she was doing her taxes. And, you know, we were in such a tight spot financially, because she was a public school teacher, raising two kids, and one night she was in the living room doing her taxes and the next thing I know she’s in her bedroom, and we had to call an ambulance. She had a stroke, she had to stay in hospital for weeks. And I remember coming back to the house that night, alone with my sister and looking at the piece of paper she was writing to the IRS on as she started to have her stroke. And it left this indelible mark on me, that was ‘Money will kill you’, that people spend their lives dying inside because of money.”

Via The Guardian