The Hardest Working Bands of 2014 Are…

As the year draws to a close, the levers and pulleys of the Songkick database set in motion (in time-honoured tradition) to draw up the list that renders all other achievements worthless, inconsequential and basically counterproductive, as they say themselves.

Ah yes, bow down to the Hardest Working Bands of 2014!

The 1975

All hail The 1975. The Manchester quartet aren’t just the hardest working band of 2014. Their phenomenal efforts over the last 365 days have shot them to the top of the Songkick leaderboard, having played more shows and covered more ground within a calendar year than any other artist since 2010 (when we started crunching numbers).

The 249724km travelled by the band, venue to venue, would take them two-thirds of the way to the moon. Which is little surprise, given they averaged a gig every 1.8 days.

The guys had this to say: “Touring this past year has been a really humbling experience. Our album was pretty much the story of the last decade of our lives, to see so many people around the world connecting with it has been incredible. We are very proud of our fans, they really understand what we are doing and the shows are an extension of that feeling.”

So without further ado, cue the Cool Runnings applause as we unveil the breathtaking efforts of the Hardest Working Bands of the year!