Kiss legend Ace Frehley tells his craziest rock and roll story

Ace Frehley released “Space Invader”, his first new solo album in five years, earlier this June. The CD included nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” and was heralded as one of the best solo albums ever by a KISS Member.

In the one-minute clip below, Frehley recounts a real-life “Spinal Tap” story to Ultimate Classic Rock.

“I remember once we were on tour, and I woke up in Canada,” Frehley recalled. “I had dinner in Texas, and then we ended up in Mexico City, because we had a stadium show the next [day] It was, like, three different countries in one day — breakfast in Canada, lunch in the U.S. and having dinner… And then I get to my hotel, and in my lobby was this really cute Mexican model, and she had blonde hair. Very rare in Mexico; most women have dark hair. So I invited her up to my room, and within an hour, we were having sex. And I look on the TV, and she’s on the TV in a commercial, like, for some car or something. I just thought that was so bizarre. I was with this girl having sex with her and she’s on the television doing a car commercial. Go figure.”