Letterhead from P.T. Barnum, Adam Ant, Terry Gilliam, Lead Belly, Marilyn Monroe

One fascinating site is Letterheady, an online clearinghouse of celebrity stationery. It’s a project of Shaun Usher, a curator of “online homages to offline correspondence” who is also the collector behind the web sites and books Lists of Note and Letters of Note. The examples below are pretty breathtaking, considering letter-writing is a lost art in the age of social media.

Adam Ant

Martin and Lewis

Terry Gilliam

Anais Nin

Henry Miller

Dick Gregory

Bob Kane, Batman creator

Marcel Marceau

Factory Records


Harpo Marx

Stacia Blake, artist, one-time dancer for Hawkwind

Hunter S. Thompson

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Bill Watterson

Gene Roddenberry

Marilyn Monroe

Jim Henson/Muppets Inc.

Georgia O’Keefe

Richard Simmons

Via Dangerous Minds