Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Are Amazing

Sony’s line-up of Hi-Res premium audio products delivers an enhanced way of listening to music – from headphones to portable and home audio, to Walkman and wireless speakers, Sony Canada’s premium audio line-up captures the very essence of the Hi-Res audio experience, allowing music lovers to experience superior sound and hear music as it was meant to be heard. Just as HDTV revolutionized our television viewing with its huge leap in picture quality, High-Res Audio is doing the same for the music we listen to. If you’re wondering if your ears really need it, just ask your eyes if they’re willing to go back to old, standard definition TV.

I received a pair of these headphones earlier this season, and viewed from an era when technology has fragmented the consumption of music into a compressed sound, these Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Wireless headphones were welcome to my ears. They propel the sound into a warm gloss, giving the bass and drums more of a fuller heartbeat. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 17 hours for playback for those times you just forget to plug it back in after a few workouts, and they’re designed for wraparound, long-term comfort, not pressing around your ears in a firm manner unlike some others. They don’t move around your ears or head when moving or running, one of the big positives for me. Your favorite tunes are one touch away. Getting your groove on has never been easier thanks to the simplified Bluetooth connectivity with NFC technology. Just tap your headphones to a compatible NFC-enabled device, and let your tunes stream through the air to hear what simplicity really sounds like.

And now, the price tag. These are $200 headphones, and when you get into that price range, your expectations tend to go up, but rest assured, these are well worth every penny. Music on these headphones just sounds and feels right.

You can get them here.