Ethan Hawke On How Roibin Williams Taught Him The Possibilities Of Acting

In this clip from his feature chat with CBC, Ethan Hawke reflects on how he was affected by Robin Williams’ passing, how his early collaboration with him on Dead Poet’s Society shaped his career.

“That was the scene where I was supposed to read a poem in front of the class and it was the first time in my life that I ever experienced the thrill of acting and the thrill of losing yourself. You know, there’s this whole thing in the public that acting is this huge celebration of the personality and the ego, of course, and the irony is that whenever it’s any good, it’s devoid of ego. It’s a high that I’ve chased my whole life since that day with Robin. It’s this way of losing yourself, where you lose yourself inside a story, a story that’s in service of something way beyond you. And I felt that in Dead Poets Society.”