5 Ways Your Business Can Use Snapchat

Just like Twitter or Facebook were when they first came out, Snapchat still seems foreign and new to most businesses.

However, even though its focus is on sending photo and video messages one at a time (which also expire after a time period you set), it can be difficult to see the potential benefits of this popular social networking app, which remains one of the most popular downloads in both the Apple and Android app stores.

However, there are several benefits to using Snapchat to announce new products, humanize your company, and stand out from your competition.

Showcase New Products

This is one way Taco Bell uses Snapchat, and they do it so well. Usually, they have employees showcase new products through several snaps, creating a Snapchat story of the product and why customers should go check it out as soon as possible.

In a recent Adweek article about Taco Bell’s dominance of Snapchat, a spokesman says they have a 80% open rate on the snaps they send, which is unheard of for any other marketing method, from email to Twitter…

Send Out Exclusive Promotions

The frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles is in the Snapchat Marketing Hall of Fame for their campaign, which gave customers a unique and varying discount when they visited one of their stores and opened the snap from the company at the register. The customer didn’t know how large of a discounting they were receiving until they were about to pay for their yogurt…

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