The Biggest Selling Albums By Genre, 2014

From Billboard:

Sales plummet across the board as digital and on-demand make an impact.

Within the genres tracked by Billboard, rock was the most resistant to the year’s sales downfall, falling only 8.3% to 85.3 million units, as compared to the overall album sales decline of 11.2%, as noted above. Christian/gospel also managed to beat the average, with scans falling 11.1% to 117.4 million units. EDM suffered the biggest decline of all genres tracked by Billboard, falling 26%, to 5.3 million units. R&B and hip-hop was down nearly as much, showing a 25.2% drop to 35.7 million albums from the 47.8% million units tallied in the prior year.

Inversely, when looking at digital track sales, rock was the worst-performing category of the large genres, falling 17.3% to 235.2 million units, down from 284.3 million units. Latin was the only large genre to show growth, increasing 2.9% to 19.8 million units, from 19.3 million downloads in 2013.