Zac Brown Band Has Dinner With Fans Before Every Show

It’s getting impossible for the Zac Brown Band to be more cooler, but this bit of news should bring it over the top. Where some artists do meet and greets, pose for a quick photo, and off you go, there are others who are appreciative and going beyond the fan experience. Zac Brown Band belong to the latter group.

In a recent radio interview, Zac explained that they have dinner with a different group of fans before every show. “All the walls come down around people when you’re around a meal,” he says. “It just breaks down the barriers, and we wanna be known for doing things differently. And when you feed somebody a great meal, they remember it. We are one of the people, and when we get to sit and eat with our people and our fans, it solidifies that. It’s just a reminder to them and ourselves that we’re no different than they are, even though we’re up on the stage and they’re out there.”

How cool is that?