catl. Release New Video for “F.U. Blues”

Toronto based rock n’ roll duo catl., have teamed up with Hamilton production crew 5th Monkey Productions to create a new and inventive music video for their latest single “F.U. Blues”. The song is a powerful statement about violence against women, specifically their experiences of unwanted sexual harassment in their everyday lives. The video follows our hero Sarah K., (drummer/singer for catl.) as she encounters all too familiar unsolicited advances from various scumbags. She turns the tables with a cartoonish ultra-violent counterattack that teaches the perpetrators much more than a lesson about respect!

The video was directed, produced and edited by 5th Monkey productions – a local Hamilton unit consisting of Ian Steinberg, Khalm H’erbin, and Cole Sutton-Greenhalgh . The locations were all exclusively based in Hamilton, including everyone’s favourite live music venue This Ain’t Hollywood (check out the homage to the Ti-Cats and Frankie Venom!). Even the cast members include some local Hamilton music celebs including Snowheel Slim (Ginger St. James) and Jim Fitzgerald (Frankie and Jimmy). A fine collaboration between two great cities, delivering a powerful message: Don’t Fuck With The Ladies.