Rick Springfield was back in court facing charges that his butt caused injuries during a concert

From Syracuse.com:

Rick Springfield yelled and cried while on the witness stand this afternoon for the retrial of an injury lawsuit against him.

Vicki Calcagno, 45, of Liverpool, said Springfield, a 1980s pop icon and actor, struck her with his buttocks while performing in the crowd during a 2004 Chevrolet Court concert at the State Fair. She said she was knocked unconscious.

Calcagno’s lawyer, Kenneth Goldblatt, called Springfield to the stand at about 2:30 p.m. Springfield accused Goldblatt of being “very aggressive” with his questions and later raised his voice and pointed at Goldblatt. Springfield said he felt that he was being called a liar.

Springfield was emotional again when his lawyer, John Pfeifer, asked him about going out into the audience to be closer to his fans. Springfield choked up and was given a tissue for his tears.

“I get emotional sometimes,” Springfield said.