Unique oil paintings of jazz musicians on used and battered drum skins

It would be a great idea that in most hands wouldn’t nearly be as cool and beautiful, but  Toronto based artist Nicole Di Nardo has given a new life to the used drum skins she obtains from the Humber College of Music in Ontario by hand painting images of jazz greats on them. Here’s a little bit more from Di Nardo’s bio on her creative process:

I source skins that are beaten to the point of near uselessness by eager young musicians. I then repurpose the skin by selecting it based on its unique design, which corresponds to the portrait I wish to render. I am interested in painting portraits of musicians who have fire in their bellies, those that reach a transcendental state while performing which is reflected in their expression. During these moments, I believe the tarnish of life fades away and the human spirit is evident most clearly.

Di Nardo’s subjects also include a few rockers like Little Richard and Janis Joplin but it’s her portraits of Charles Mingus, legendary percussionist Max Roach, and modern day timekeeper Questlove compliments her passion for music and art. If you’re interested in more, check out her Etsy store and here are a few examples showing the drum heads still got life left in it.

Charles Mingus drum art by Nicole Di Nardo
Charles Mingus

Max Roach drum art by Nicole Di Nardo
Max Roach

Elvin Jones drum art by Nicole Di Nardo
Elvin Jones

Questlove drum art by Nicold Di Nardo

Sahib Shihab drum skin art by Nicold Di Nardo
Sahib Shihab

Nina Simone drum art by Nicold Di Nardo
Nina Simone

Billie Holiday drum art by Nicold Di Nardo

Billie Holiday

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