PledgeMusic: The Al Purdy Songbook Backed By Leonard Cohen, Gord Downie, Margaret Atwood And More

Great artists have come together to celebrate a great Canadian poet – Al Purdy. The Al Purdy Songbook is a collection of both original compositions and Purdy’s work, featuring talent such as Leonard Cohen, Gord Downie, Margaret Atwood, Jason Collett, Sarah Harmer, Jann Arden and more.

The organizers need your help to make this project happen. You can help fund the recording and release of this album by pledging to preorder the album here at PledgeMusic. Your pledge to preorder any of the exclusives they’ve made available to you below will get you a digital download of the album, before it is available anywhere else in the world, PLUS access to behind-the-scenes updates on the album as we’re creating it!

With your preorder, you’re not only going to be helping to make this album possible, but you’ll also be contributing to the A Frame Association, which helps to restore and preserve Al Purdy’s A Frame, a mecca for writers and songwriters alike.

The Songbook idea was born out of the film, Al Purdy Was Here, documenting the life of the late poet, Al Purdy, whose work influenced talent across the world. The film was produced and directed by prominent film critic, writer and President of the Toronto Film Critics Association, Brian D. Johnson.