94% Of BBC’s Radio 1’s Most-Played Songs in 2014 Were Major Label Releases

From MusicBusinessWorldwide:

Forty-seven of the 50 most-played tracks on both BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 last year were major label releases.

Just three – or 6% – of each of the publicly-funded UK networks’ most-rotated songs in 2014 were independent, according to data from international airplay authority Radiomonitor, analysed by MBW.

That’s less than a third of the share that independent releases claimed on Radio 1’s closest publicly-funded equivalent in France and just 1/6th of the share independents took on Australian youth station Triple-J (see below for more international radio analysis).

BBC 6Music, however, was much more supportive of the indies: over half the station’s Top 50 (54%) most-spun tracks in 2014 were non-major label songs.

The percentage of independent releases on Radio 1 increased in its Top 100 most-played tracks of 2014, but not by much – up to 10%.

Radio 2’s Top 100 most-played list of 2014 brought slightly better news for the independents: 15 tracks within it were not sourced from the majors.