Billboard Debuts Expanded, Revamped Weekly Charts

Following Billboard’s successful reimagining of the online Billboard Hot 100 chart,Billboard is excited to share the revamped online layout for our entire slate of renowned weekly charts.

The new changes follow the more intuitive, informative layout of the revamped Hot 100 that debuted in October.

An unprecedented new feature is that the weekly chart archives have been expanded significantly — you can now peruse the entire weekly Hot 100 back to 1958, presented in the same format as the current Hot 100. (For instance, check out the very first Billboard Hot 100, topped by teen idol Ricky Nelson, for the week ending Aug. 9, 1958).

Similarly, the Billboard 200 charts are now viewable in full going back to 1985, so you can digest 30 years of album history with the same ease.

“For decades, the Billboard charts have been the definitive source for recorded music rankings,” said John Amato, co-president of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. “The updated online charts now allow fans to easily access the songs and albums that served as the soundtrack to any moment in time.”

What are you waiting for? Check them out now.