You Can Now Bet On Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl is finally upon us! In just a few days, the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will get it on at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Along with the usual bets on who will be the Super Bowl MVP, over/under final score and coin toss, you can make a wager on Katy Perry’s Halftime Show.

From My Top Sports Books:

Entertainment Props:

Odds on a halftime show wardrobe malfunction: 22/1

O/U on number of Katy Perry wardrobe changes: 2.5

Odds on Katy Perry’s hair color:

  • brunette: 1/2
  • purple/blue: 5/1
  • redhead: 10/1
  • blonde: 12/1

Odds on Katy Perry wearing a whipped cream bikini: 18/1

O/U on the number of halftime guest stars: 2.5

Odds the PA announcer mispronounces “Idina Menzel”: 33/1

Odds that Idina Menzel forgets the words to the national anthem: 50/1

O/U on the length of the national anthem: 122.5 seconds