Action Bronson on How To Approach His Music For The First Time

If someone is coming to your music for the first time, how do you expect them to approach it? There’s lots of far-out elements that blur the line between reality and fantasy, and some of your lyrics disparage women.

Action Bronson: Let me clarify: I don’t talk about women in a crazier manner than any other rapper. Let’s take Billy Joel—he just talked about realism. Like, not all women are perfect. It’s a fact of life. Nobody’s perfect. A woman or man could be a piece of fucking shit. At the end of the day, this is equal play. I deal with disparaging men as much as I deal with disparaging women. And I don’t glorify disparaging women.

I grew up fat, OK? I’m a fat fuck. I had a lot of fantasies about women that I couldn’t achieve—that’s the type of repressed mindframe I grew up with. I write about it in such an out-of-this-world way that it becomes comical; it’s more comedy to me than it is trying to put anybody down. Because I’m not that type of person. I don’t put people down. I build people up. That’s how I always wanna be looked at. Sometimes I don’t have the best taste with words, but sometimes it’s needed to get my point across. I don’t like things being too real because that’s boring, and it’s going to be depressing. It’s all about getting a rise, like, “Oh fuck, I can’t believe he just said that, you kidding?” It ain’t about making people feel bad or being distasteful with women. That’s just not me.

I feel like I’ve been dealt a little bit of a bad hand with that type of shit just for that early Instagram picture [which he captioned: “Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head”], which was just me writing something stupid. It didn’t really depict what was actually going on. And just growing up in the type of situations I grew up in, in Queens, being on the streets all the time, you see crazy things, and it’s not always gonna be glamorous. I have to depict that as well.

Via Pitchfork