Photos of Pink Floyd’s Animal Tour, 1977

The In the Flesh Tour, also known as the Animals Tour, was a concert tour by Pink Floyd in support of their album Animals. It was divided in two legs, one in Europe and another in North America. The tour featured large inflatable puppets, as well as a pyrotechnic “waterfall”, and one of the biggest and most elaborate stages to date, including umbrella-like canopies that would raise from the stage to protect the band from the elements.

Pink Floyd’s market strategy for the In the Flesh Tour was very aggressive, filling pages of The New York Times and Billboard magazine. To promote their four-night run at Madison Square Garden in New York City, there was a Pink Floyd parade on 6th Avenue featuring pigs and sheep.

This was the first tour since their 1973 tour that Pink Floyd didn’t use female backing singers. The musicians that augmented the band for the tour were sax player Dick Parry (who occasionally played keyboards out of view of the audience) and guitarist Snowy White, who also played bass on “Sheep”, “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” and “Welcome To the Machine” while Waters played electric guitar on “Sheep” and “Pigs” and acoustic guitar on “Welcome to the Machine”.

Pink Floyd - Animals Tour - FfM - 1977

1977- Pink Floyd - The Finale

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