MLB is getting set to become VERY big, thanks to streaming

From TechCrunch:

MLB Advanced Media, a limited partnership of the club owners of Major League Baseball, is the technical arm of the league’s media efforts, it was founded in 2000 and handles the MLB’s website, all of its game streaming efforts and its various mobile apps like At Bat.

In recent years, it’s also becoming the streaming delivery service that high-profile media companies are turning to in order to deliver mind-breaking amounts of video data reliably. It’s been so successful that there have already been talks about it spinning out and becoming its own company with either minority investors or as a solo job.

In 2014 alone, it streamed 400k hours of live content — in 2009 that number was only 18k hours. MLBAM had around $800M in revenue in 2014 and is projected to hit $1B in 2016. Over the next 30 days, MLBAM is going to serve up a mind-bending volume of streaming video, far more than it ever has. Here’s a partial list of the launches it’s facilitating:

3/18 – Sony’s PlayStation Vue
3/18 – March Madness streaming for Turner
3/29 – Wrestlemania
4/6 – MLB Opening Day
4/12 – HBO Now debut with Game Of Thrones

That’s in addition to handling business as usual for CBS Sports, ESPN, Glenn Beck and a host of other partners that it works with regularly. Early numbers for the first 3 days of March Madness put MLBAM at 47 million live streams, up 7% from last year and a new record.