Artists that have charted multiple songs in Billboard’s Hot 100’s Top 10

Thanks to her recent doubling up with “Shake” and “Space,” and then “Space” and “Style,” plus four prior weeks with earlier hits, Taylor Swift is among an elite group of acts that have charted multiple songs (two or more) in the Hot 100’s top 10 simultaneously for at least 19 weeks. Here are the acts to do so the most:

41, Usher
38, 50 Cent
27, Akon
25, the Beatles
25, T-Pain
23, Rihanna
22, Ludacris
20, Mariah Carey
19, Taylor Swift
18, Ja Rule
18, Kanye West

Usher leads the list, largely thanks to his monster 2004, when he charted multiple songs in the top 10 for 21 weeks, or nearly half of that year.

Cool to note 17 of the 25 weeks The Beatles had were in 1964. For two of those weeks (April 4 and 11, 1964), they logged a record 5 songs total in the top 10.

Via Billboard