Beyonce releases new track as a Tidal exclusive. It’s on YouTube in minutes.

From Music Business Worldwide:

When Beyonce’s husband Jay Z took the wraps off his relaunched Tidal last Monday (March 30), he not only promised HD audio and visual content to subscribers, but teased exclusives from some of the world’s biggest artists.

That came to pass within days, with ‘exclusive’ content on Tidal including concert footage from Alicia Keys plus playlists from the likes of Jason Aldean and Coldplay.

Beyonce’s Die With You, however, is the first track to premiere on the $19.99/$9.99-per-month Tidal platform. It is currently unavailable – legally – elsewhere, including Spotify and iTunes.

But there’s a problem. The nature of an ‘exclusive’ surely demands that fans don’t rip the title and upload it onto YouTube – and that’s exactly what they’ve done numerous times with Die With You.

In fact, it was on the video site within minutes of arriving on Tidal. Sony Music Entertainment appears to have been submitting copyright claims left, right and centre on YouTube.