Dave Grohl on his early, early, EARLY records

From Rolling Stone:

“There was a kid that lived not too far from me that had a four-track studio in the laundry room in his parents’ house, his name was Barrett Jones,” Grohl tells Rolling Stone, explaining that the recordings date back to his days playing in punk bands in Virginia. “He was a couple years older than me. But he was the guy who bought the equipment and started figuring out how to record all of his friends’ bands. So the first time I ever recorded anything was with Barrett.”

Grohl remembers he was in a band called Freak Baby. “I think we put the instruments in his bedroom and the control room was in the laundry room in the basement of his parents’ house. So he was just our guy. He was the Quincy Jones of Arlington, Virginia.” Grohl laughs, and names all the bands he was in that Jones recorded over the years: Mission Impossible, Scream, Dain Bramage, Nirvana.

“In the early Nineties, I moved out to Seattle, and then he came out and we got a place together,” Grohl says. “So I had his eight-track studio in my basement at my house, and I would go downstairs every time I came home from tours and he and I would record songs. That’s how the Foo Fighters started, really.”