Noel Gallagher on Music Magazines, and The State Of A&R Today

I don’t what the world is actually coming to sometimes. I’d love to know what the over-riding thought is of editors of music sections, and music magazines… [raffish voice] present company excepted, of course. Surely nobody gives a shit about how Sam Smith recorded his new album. I don’t think I could be less interested. Say something funny. Did you ever hear Morrissey talking about how he wrote a song? Never once, ever. Mark E. Smith ­– can he even play the fucking guitar? That’s what I was brought up on: interesting people in the music business who weren’t aimed at the mainstream. The mainstream came to them. Now it’s different. All the major labels have bought out all the indie labels, and now they just get whoever they find, and they aim them at the mainstream.

I’ve said it before, but if Oasis were to have happened ten years later, there was no Creation Records. We would have been signed, but I’ll tell you how it would have happened. Alan McGee wouldn’t have been at that club, and wouldn’t have come outside and said “I’ll give you a record deal now”. Some guy would have came, and then he would have said, “Oh, right, OK, hmm, I’ll speak to another guy.” And another guy comes down, and just goes, “I don’t like the bald guy, I’m not sure about him.” And then another guy comes down and says, “Yeah, they fucking do a lot of drugs, you know what I mean, can we trust these cunts? Let’s get some song writers, he’s got to wear a hat.”

Via The Quietus