Billy Bob Thorton Has Some Advice For Musicians: “Always Lie”

Billy Bob Thornton is offering a bit of advice: always lie. Seated on a couch in Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A with his fellow Boxmasters — the rock-rockabilly-country group he formed in 2007 — Thornton is opening up about one of the key songs on the band’s new double album, Somewhere Down the Road. A slice of moody singer-songwriter Americana, “Always Lie” is the Boxmasters’ response to today’s “gotcha!” media.

“The song is written about the press. But not the old style press. We now have to deal with bloggers and TMZ,” Thornton tells Rolling Stone Country. “What it’s really about is how righteous journalists get screwed out of a good interview these days because of those people. . . A great interview is when you tell the truth. But now nobody wants to tell the truth because it will bite you in the ass.”

Via Rolling Stone