TIDAL Introduces TIDAL DISCOVERY – Designed to give undiscovered artists their break

Some of the best music in the world is the music we never hear, because sometimes the most talented artists don’t get the break they deserve. TIDAL introduces TIDAL DISCOVERY – Designed to give undiscovered artists that break.  

This is an area within TIDAL that is exactly what the name suggests – a place for TIDAL subscribers to exclusively discover the music of tomorrow so that it becomes their music of today.  With the service, TIDAL aims to get unsigned bands and artists out to a broader audience.  The highest quality releases will be featured in monthly TIDAL playlists and be promoted along with TIDAL exclusives. 

To support TIDAL DISCOVERY, TIDAL will actively engage in the marketing and promotion of new talent including staging a series of DISCOVERY concerts across the country featuring some of the top streaming DISCOVERY artists.  

Designed for TIDAL subscribers to discover new artists, as well as up and coming/unsigned artists to release their music, a simple, step-by-step process 

In partnership with Phonofile and Record Union with other partners to join, TIDAL DISCOVERY makes it beneficial for unsigned artists to release their music through streaming. Artists can select their preferred royalty structure  

Bands and artists interested in this offer can read more about TIDAL Discovery and register at tidal.com/discovery. As a music fan – Find the new stars at listen.tidalhifi.com/discovery