NBC’s “The Voice” Vocal Expert Live Clinics, May 6 at Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel

As voice coach/consultant on NBC’s Emmy Award winning reality TV show “The Voice”, Tamara Beatty is not your everyday voice coach; The only Canadian voice expert ever hired by the show, now going into her 5th season, her work has been called “mind blowing”, “transformational” and even “spiritual”:

“Within a matter of minutes Tamara can isolate an emotional block or thought process
that is holding someone back and then help them remove it, awakening to a new depth
of expression. As an audience member, we literally watch the singer transform before
our very eyes and ears.”
  ~Prosad –

Tamara’s 20+ years as a technical voice coach also puts her in high demand; her tailor made voice programs are sought after by touring and studio singers all over the world. Tamara also creates and co-authors published materials which continue to educate singers and singing instructors around the world. Her corporate clients include: Long and McQuade, The Young Canadians, West Coast Songwriter Association, The Canadian Country Music Association (The CCMA Discovery Program 2015) and VocalizeU in Hollywood.   

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