Happy Mondays Bez & Shaun: “We tried to nick Stonehenge!”

In the brand new issue of Q, Happy Mondays & Black Grape‘s Shaun Ryder and Bez answer your posers in the latest Cash For Questions.

Along with dealing with bees, an inter-band disagreement over Stephen Hawkins’ theories, Rio Ferdinand’s teeth, politics and Peppa Pig, the pair recall an attempt to pinch world heritage landmark Stonehenge (well at least it would have been the right size!) after turning up to Glastonbury too early.

“A long time ago, when I first left school in the 80s I turned up to Glastonbury two weeks early,” admits Bez. “We got there and it hadn’t started so we didn’t hang around. At one point we ended-up trying to nick Stonehenge and take it back to Manchester.”

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Via Q Magazine