VCs Are The New Rockstars…Or Is It The Other Way Around?

It seems like all of us want to be someone else. No matter who we are or what we do, it just isn’t good enough. Wait, wait, before you delve into self-loathing, let’s shelve the childhood dreams of life as a firefighter or doctor. We’re talking about something much more adult, something much deeper—and fiscally focused. This isn’t a self-help piece or an indictment on your esteem. This is about crossing over. Namely, celebrities who want to pump their money into startups and earn the stripes that define the venture capitalist community.

Meet the newest crop of rock star VCs.

Linkin Park recently appeared on CNBC, announcing their move to start investing in startups. Guitarist Brad Delson summed it up, admitting that they’re not experts in tech or investing, but that they do want to link with people who are, and get involved with products that they believe in. “This is a way for us to support those organizations that we really care about,” Delson added. Details are murky, but the rocker did say the band is working on four deals that they plan to announce in the coming weeks.

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