Using sound waves to guarantee your beer has the best quality foam

Getting the perfect head on a glass of beer can be a fine art. But a new gadget promises to create the optimum amount of foam every time using sound waves.

Called Fizzics, the machine claims to offer to ‘elevate store bought beer into a draft quality beer, the way the brewers intended it to taste’ and can be used with any beer of a user’s choice. It pumps high-frequency sound waves through beer to make thick foam to sit on top, enhancing the flavour of the drink.

Beer is inserted into the prototype gadget and connected with a plastic tube so that once the lid is closed, the liquid is sealed in an airtight container. Users then push a lever forward on top of the device to suck beer through a nozzle, before pushing it back again to pump high-frequency sound waves though the liquid, to produce thick foam.

Via Daily Mail