Paul Weller on the importance of punk music

“I regretted missing out being a teenager in the 60s, but I was massively influenced by the decade from as long as I can remember. In the 70s, after the initial thing of Bowie and some of the glam-rock stuff, like Marc Bolan, it was such a wasteland. It was punk rock that kicked me off – and the protopunk of Dr Feelgood’s debut album, Down By the Jetty, which came out at the start of ’75, was a game changer for me. They were totally anti-fashion – odd haircuts, grimy suits from Oxfam shops – and were the first band to make an impact. The next thing after that was seeing The Sex Pistols in 1976. They played at an all-nighter at the Lyceum in London. I’d come up from Woking to see the gig. I was about 17, speeding off my head, and seeing them was an epiphany. I just thought, This is it: now is my time.”

– Paul Weller, in The Irish Times