Bono Can Outdrink Morrissey, Says Noel Gallagher

Having been quizzed by Noisey on who between Noel Gallagher, Morrissey and Bobby Gillespie could drink the most, the ex-Oasis man replied, “Bono, hands down. Bobby don’t drink [He gave up alcohol in 2008]. Morrissey is good crack.”

Gallagher added, “[Morrissey] can drink… [he] doesn’t really get drunk though – he remains equally as vicious from the fucking minute you meet him until seven hours later. I lighten up once I’ve had a drink. Not Morrissey.

“But Bono, he is really fucking brilliant company. I’ve been drinking with him, and I’ve been leaving a bar at 6 in the morning and he’s on the bar singing opera. And he’s got a fucking gig the following night with 70,000 people. And I’m being escorted out like James Brown – fucking pissed.”