Skillrex Goes To Space With The Help Of Google

There is no room for cynicism in space. Well, technically, there’s nothing but room in space. But not only are space travelers better off conserving their oxygen for something other than sharing their bad opinions, it’s also hard not to be stunned into silence by the sheer beauty of it all. Space is so vast, so beautiful, so unknowable, that it can only be awesome, in the literal, awe-inducing sense of the word. With its infinite possibilities and promises of unreachable alien worlds, space is a canvas for the imagination. It’s given us fascinating sci-fi worlds, ancient mythologies, and new technologies. Naturally, Skrillex is into it.

It’s also why, presumably, he was the person Google sought out to be the first partner in a new Android product they’re launching called Editions, which is the premise under which I’m able to get on the phone with him. The project is basically a series artist-designed phone cases that activate interactive content on user’s (Android) phone. Which, sure, whatever. Artists do brand collaborations all the time. Skrillex’s, though, involves sending 13 satellites into space to take pictures of Earth, which will then be broadcast to users’ phones as rotating wallpapers. At night, the phone will offer a geotargeted guide to constellations. It’s space! That final frontier, that realm of no cynicism!

Via Vice