My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless Sounds Just As Good BACKWARDS

There might not be a finer album since My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless was released in November, 1991. From the crisp drums counting in Only Shallow, (the only real clear sound on the entire record), the blistering power to uplifting in its beauty has never ceased to amaze me. Loveless was recorded over a two-year period between 1989 and 1991 in nineteen recording studios. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shields dominated the recording process; he sought to achieve a particular sound for the record, making use of various techniques such as guitars strummed with a tremolo bar, sampled drum loops, and obscured vocals. It’s astounding that something so beautiful came out of something that must have been so frustrating to make.

And the crazy thing is, the album sounds just as strange, unworldly, and shoegazey backwards. I love the internet.

My Blood Valentine’s Loveless album forward:

My Blood Valentine’s Loveless album backward: