Faith No More’s Mike Patton On Not Having A Plan

As far as your relationship to music and those artists or the music that initially sparked that creative instinct, was there a specific moment for you where that happened in the very beginning?

No. [laughs]

Of course not.

I know that’s not sexy. I know people want me to go, “Oh yeah, it was this record. I heard Michael Jackson‘s Thriller and that made me wanna be a singer,” but no, man. I never had that moment. I didn’t. I’m sorry. To me, it was a gradual collection of failures that led me to realize that maybe I could do this. I mean, sing. My first gig as a singer was because the singer didn’t show up. A friend of mine’s band, so there you go. It’s not like I thought about it. It just happened, and so I was there, and I became the singer. To me, that’s kind of fundamental. Understanding that you don’t have to have a plan. For kids out there or whatever, you don’t have to have a plan. You can make it work. I didn’t wanna be a singer. I thought I was gonna be a f****** poet or something, you know? I was studying English literature. I would never, ever have the balls to do what you’re doing. I mean, my point is we don’t ever really know, and we don’t ever really have a plan, and it’s okay. It’s okay to ride the waves here and there and then kind of figure it out. That’s what I did. That’s all.