St Vincent discussing David Bowie and Authenticity

St. Vincent took part in a conversation discussing the ongoing legacy David Bowie with music critic Jessica Hopper in Chicago back in January. On the subject of authenticity, and accusations against Bowie’s in particular, Clark said:

“I am curious to unpack this idea of authenticity. Where did it become more authentic to just stand up on stage with no lights, or costume, or theatricality and just stand up there with a beard and your feelings?

“Looking back, Bowie’s heroes were people like Little Richard who did ’50s queerness with a wink and a smile because that was the only thing that was really paletable for the time – he got away with as much as he could in that regard, being in America, which is quite puritanical. So you look at Bowie and he’s just the natural extension of these sole showmen.”