John Lydon Doesn’t Like Social Media Very Much

You might think someone like Sex Pistols/Public Image Ltd singer John Lydon would love social media. The bypassing of traditional media where everyone can speak their mind, and reach the masses? Lydon speaks in the March issue of Q about the less glamorous aspects of the new technology.

Speaking to Q’s Simon McEwen one of the man’s suggestions for better living is “Don’t Be Nosey”, which means avoiding other people’s updates.

“Social media is a very, very silly thing,” he declares. “I think it’s evil the way people anonymously poke their noses into other people’s private lives. Who is shagging who is no business of mine!”

The singer adds: “I suppose it’s some kind of subterfuge for people who don’t have sex lives of their own so they deal with it vicariously through the shenanigans of others. And that’s very dismal indeed. It’s like you’re depriving yourself of your own existence and there’s a system called social media that’s helping you do that. How insane! But there we go…”