Phil Collins: “There’s a missing period in music history with me and Peter Gabriel”

Peter Gabriel is one of the backing vocalists on Take Me Home from the Jacket Required album. That was the first time he’d appeared on one of your solo albums, but you’d already appeared on one of his.

Phil Collins: Yeah, there’s a missing period in music history with me and Genesis and Peter. In the late ’70s, early ’80s, he didn’t have a band. When he was thinking about his third album [1980’s Peter Gabriel], he didn’t have a band to play with, to rehearse it, to spitballs ideas off. So I said to him, “I’m doing nothing, so I’ll be your drummer, if you want.” We got on great, so I went down to his house in Bath, along with a few other musicians that we all knew, and stayed there for a month or so, jamming every day and playing through some of the ideas that he had, and those ideas became his third album.

So I was his drummer. We did gigs. We did duets on stage. I mean, we sang “The Lamb [Lies Down On Broadway]” together, we sang “Mother Of Violence” together… So it was great fun to do it. Me and Peter spent a lot of time together on that. So, yeah, “Take Me Home” wasn’t the first time we’d worked together since Genesis, just the first time on one of my records.