Listen To The Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell RIP Into The Audience In 1984

Stay on the road long enough, and you’re just going to have one of those nights – no matter what you do onstage, the reaction from the crowd will be a giant ‘meh.’ And it happens to even the great bands. The B-side An Evening with Hugh Cornwell is just 20 minutes of The Stranglers’ lead singer talking to audiences on the Aural Sculpture tour around 1984.

The other two tracks on the Stranglers’ Official Bootleg twelve-inch, Hitman and a live version of Shakin’ Like A Leaf, have been released before, but An Evening with Hugh Cornwell has never been released officially in the digital world.

What’s wrong? What’s happened? Has it been a depressing day in Sheffield… again?

If you paid ten pounds, you’re a mug! You’re an absolute mug. I wouldn’t pay ten pounds to see us. I wouldn’t! I’d go out and buy two LPs.

Most—all musicians would come up here and say what a great place Newcastle is and you’re all such wonderful people, but I’m not going to say that, ‘cause I think that Newcastle’s awful. Oh, it’s an awful place.

Someone up here is really thick ‘cause he’s thrown his identity card here. He’s gonna forget who he is. Oh no, it’s a lady.

…and here’s the still great Always The Sun.