Amen, Brother! The Top 10 Most Sampled Songs In History

The selective hunting and repositioning of certain elements of music into new contexts has been considered an art form for quite some time now, and rightfully so. The art of sampling has brought two of the most popular genres in the world today to fruition. Hip-hop, and of course electronic dance music, might not exist today if it weren’t for the invention of samplers. Although sampling now isn’t the novelty it used to be, what with sample packs coming out everyday, it’s still important to recognize the history that has built the foundation to the music we experience today.

Sampling became the most popular when commercially produced, cheaper samplers became more accessible to the general public. It was then that old funk and rock breaks were sampled to create completely new songs. While the list of sampled songs is very extensive, there are a select few that have been sampled hundred of times. As you can see from the chart below, the top ten most sampled tracks have been put into thousands of different songs, allowing artists to create thousands of unique interpretations of the original tracks.