Going viral has just gotten easier with Shazam and Snapchat working together

Going viral has just gotten easier, as the result of a partnership between Shazam and Snapchat. With today’s new release of the popular messaging app, users can now launch Shazam’s music recognition technology and share songs without leaving Snapchat.

The update also debuts the long-awaited Snapchat Group Chat feature, which allows simultaneous sharing with up to 16 contacts. Positioned by Snapchat Inc. as a way for family members to stay in touch over the holidays, it also enables multiplexed music sharing.

Holding down anywhere on the camera screen within Snapchat will prompt Shazam to identify music playing nearby, launching a pop-up box that will allow users to retrieve more info, including lyrics, preview the audio, play a Vevo clip, or share. As with other Snapchat communiqués, the message — and presumably the song, if it’s not saved separately — will disappear.