Louis CK: “Being a musician isn’t the stupidest decision in the world”

Here’s some sage career advice from Louis CK, who says being a musician isn’t the stupidest decision in the world…

Louis CK: I enjoyed the Alvin Ailey — the dancing —
Conan: Oh you liked the dancing thing?
Louis CK: Yeah, dancing is really inspiring to watch when someone… ya know, it’s a terrible life choice. It’s the dumbest — it’s the worst career choice.
Conan: You’re saying that dancing is a terrible career choice. You like watching it but it’s a terrible career choice.
Louis CK: It’s the worst available career choice.
Conan: What are you talking about?
Louis CK: It’s a massive amount of dedication followed by giving up. They all have to give up.
Conan: What are you talking about?
Louis: There are like three dance jobs on the planet Earth. And there’s no second tier. Like any other career. Even being a musician, what are you doing? Don’t be a musician. That’s a stupid thing to do for a living. But, but, if it doesn’t work out the way you want it [looking at the band]. Look, you got these guys here.
Conan: Louis, what are you doing? You know these guys.
Louis: Just to be clear. What I’m saying is that nobody cares who they are as individuals. But they’re — wait, wait, let me finish —
Conan: — in fairness, you got to let him finish.
Louis: They’re working musicians. This is not their dream. None of them. None of them. They each wanted to be separate rock stars. But they’re just a clump of nothing. That makes a noise —
Conan: A clump of nothing that makes a —
“What I’m saying is that being a musician, that’s viable…”
Louis: And they’re supporting their families. They’re supporting their families and they’re paying their rent. By just being nobody that anyone cares, making a noise that a computer can make.
Conan: Now now that’s not true!
Louis: It is! What I’m saying is that being a musician, that’s a viable — look at this, these guys are a great example that it’s a good idea. If you’re a dancer, and you’re the greatest dancer in the world, nobody gives a shit, first of all. I mean, because everybody dances. And how many millionaire dancers are there? You can dance for like two seconds at your peak. Then you gotta give it up.
I mean, stripping, you can strip. But you don’t need to go to Alvin Ailey to learn to do that. That’s a good career choice, being a stripper.
Conan: So, ugh —
Louis: As far as financially.
Conan: Financially, yes.
Louis: I’m not saying – look, and that’s why they’re wonderful people. Because they’re doing something very stupid that we can watch. I mean stupid for their lives, wonderful for ours.