UK’s Official Charts Company has changed streaming’s ‘sale’ formula from 100-1 to 150-1

The Official Chart Company is changing the way it calculates the Top 40 to reflect the rise in streaming. Currently, 100 streams count as one “sale” of a song. From January, the ratio will become 150:1.
It is hoped that the change could break the bottleneck at the top of the charts, as hits on streaming services linger for weeks on end. Only 11 songs have reached number one this year, compared to 26 in 2015 and 42 in 2014. The slowdown was prompted by the inclusion of streaming data into the charts in July 2014. Up to that point, the Top 40 measured how many times a record had been bought. Now it measures consumption – and the trend on streaming sites is for people to listen to their favourite songs over and over, rather than seeking out new music.