A 1965 Video Shows The Influence Of Radio Caroline On The Music World

50 Years ago a British Pathé film crew left Felixstowe harbour on the tender ‘Offshore 1’ for a visit to Radio Caroline’s MV Mi Amigo. The footage of their 2 day film shoot was heavily edited and ended up as a 3 minute item, used as part of a short Pathé cinema special about ‘Water’.

The young successful ‘pirate’ Radio Caroline got a bit of a tendentious outdated treatment by Pathe’s commentator – representing the establishment in those days.

After analyzing all material it became clear to the fine folks at Decibel FM that – when put back together in the right order, combined with audio, music and the original 3 minute item – the result should be a unique, high quality detailed representation of what life looked like on the Mi Amigo in this early, exciting period, late summer 1965.

The result is amazing and also a bit confusing. The pristine colours and sharpness make it hard to imagine all this happened half a century ago. We see a young and excited 22-year old Tony Blackburn enjoying the tender trip, looking up to his then boss: senior DJ Doug Kerr. The film crew used professional film lighting in all shots and it shows: detailed colour views of the studio, engine- and transmitter room, bridge and the guys playing chess on deck.

Tony Blackburn is featured extensively and other DJ’s seen in action are: Gary Kemp, Paul Noble, Simon Dee and Dough Kerr, assisted by engineer Patrick Starling. Keith Skues and Bryan Vaughan can be seen briefly, leaving on the tender.