Boom FM’s Stu Jeffries on The Good And Bad Of Listener Reaction

In the past, I’ve posted a few (extremely kind) listener messages that warmed my heart and reminded me of what I love about this biz. I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the ones that let me know when I’ve missed the mark:

‘I know you’re a morning show DJ…for some reason you guys talk more then I feel you guys should. But lately you’ve been coming off like Dr. Phil. Nobody wants to hear your sad stories….especially first thing in the morning. Man up and stop your whining… Stop talking so much you’re not that funny or have a great personality just play the music. Have a great day.’

My favourite part was ‘Have a great day’.

It’s the cross-section of likers and lovers, dislikers and haters that make this job so much fun and so rewarding. It really keeps you balanced and in check. So, thanks to all of you.

And have a great day. :)

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