Neil Young on The Role Of Social Media In The Fight For Change

Talk about the role of social media and was it your responsibility to pass along the knowledge of how to fight for change?
Neil Young: I was there because I believed in it, Daryl [Hannah, his girlfriend and actress] believes in it. We went there together and she filmed me walking around and we put it on social media. We’re both into social media, we like to keep abreast of what’s going on and she really helps me to be able to watch live feeds, live streams of things that are actually happening at the moment, get on the draw cams, see it from the sky, see all kinds of stuff that you’d never see in the national media. I really think the situation now is yeah, we got social media. That’s another one of the great things that’s happening and music is music, music is always going to be music. It’s been with us forever and social media is new. The two of them together are phenomenal and I really think this illustrates what can happen when people get together and work together to make a change and bring light to some injustice. It’s like the 60s; I think that now the youth of today has got a target just like in the 60s the youth had a target. It was something in authority that was going in the wrong direction and the youth are all against it. They see things the authorities don’t see, they care about climate change, they care about equality and people living together and all races, all colors, all languages being able to coexist. That’s what America is all about. It’s not about paranoia and hiding behind walls. That’s not what America is about. So I think this is a really robust moment for activism.