Jim James: “I still feel rays of hope shine in”

There are lots of questions being asked on the new album Eternally Even. Songs ask questions like “Is this love?”, “Are you waiting just for me?”, “Did you think you could hide in plain sight?”, “Are you wiling to forget that this ever happened?” and so on. Was that intentional, that this would be a record that would be asking questions of the listener or some unknown entity?

Jim James: I feel like that’s pretty much my entire lyrical output, me questioning everything! I feel like it’s so hard for me to accept why shit has to be so tough on this earth. Why is it so hard to find lasting love? Why is it so hard to eat right? Why is it so hard to be able to pay for healthcare for one’s self and one’s family? Why do people hate like they do and judge people they know nothing about blindly in the name of religion? But through all these questions and challenges I still feel rays of hope shine in, and I still have many good days and enjoy life a great deal and I hope that comes through in my music as well — that perhaps we may never find the answers, but we must try as hard as we can to enjoy the searching, to enjoy the ride.