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To mark World AIDS Day 2014, Apple and leading app developers are inviting customers to help (RED) achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation. For the next two weeks, a special section of the App Store called Apps for (RED) will offer 25 apps with exclusive new content where all proceeds will go directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. In addition, Apple will donate a portion of sales at Apple’s retail and online stores around the world on two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Friday, November 28 and Monday, December 1.

“Apple is a proud supporter of (RED) because we believe the gift of life is the most important gift anyone can give,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “For eight years, our customers have been helping fight AIDS in Africa by funding life-saving treatments which are having a profoundly positive impact. This year we are launching our biggest fundraising push yet with the participation of Apple’s retail and online stores, and some of the brightest minds in the App Store are lending their talents to the effort as well.”

Apple and App Store developers will generate donations for (RED) in several ways over the next two weeks:

• From Monday, November 24 through Sunday, December 7, the App Store’s Apps for (RED) campaign will feature 25 fan-favourite apps with exclusive new content. Every time a customer purchases a participating (PRODUCT)RED app or an exclusive In-App Purchase, all proceeds will go to the Global Fund.

• On Friday, November 28, Apple customers in the US will receive a special edition (RED) iTunes gift card with the purchase of select Apple products. For each gift card distributed, Apple will also donate a percentage to the Global Fund. 

• On Monday, December 1— World AIDS Day—Apple will donate a portion of every sale at Apple’s retail and online stores to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

“Apple isn’t just in the fight to end AIDS. They are setting a new bar for business, giving $75 million and counting to the Global Fund as part of their partnership with (RED),” said Bono, co-founder of (RED). “I couldn’t be prouder to work with them.” 

Apps for (RED) marks the first-ever global App Store initiative in support of (RED). Participating developers have created (RED)-inspired content and experiences for their fans to enjoy, including:

• Angry Birds players can perfect their bird-flinging with (RED)’s Mighty Feathers and challenge themselves to a bonus golden egg level. 

• Bubble Witch 2 Saga offers new (PRODUCT)RED levels across all 17 episodes of the game. Gold bar currency purchases will be donated to (RED).

• CSR Racing delivers new in-game thrills with the highly anticipated Mercedes Benz-AMG GT. 

• Clash of Clans warriors can prepare for battle with special edition (PRODUCT)RED gems and display a (RED) badge of honor on the village’s town hall. 

• Clear’s users can perfect their organizational skills with a new (PRODUCT)RED theme which appears automatically with all new downloads. 

• Cut the Rope 2 unveils a wide selection of (PRODUCT)RED items including a new red hat, red touch print, red balloons and a red ginger cookie.

• Despicable Me: Minion Rush reveals a new Lifeguard minion that helps players boost their banana collection skills by 200 percent.

• DJay 2’s spin tables turn (RED) and offer DJs a special sound pack.

• FarmVille 2: Country Escape players can “Roll out the RED Carpet” and purchase limited-time items such as the Cozy Cow, St. Bernard and more.

• FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players can compete in a (RED) Tournament and Team of the Week event. All winners will be awarded football superstar and (RED) Ambassador Rafa Marquez.

• Frozen Free Fall unveils a magical new (RED) Challenge in the Kingdom of Arendelle, and offers an exclusive combined offer of 1 power-up, 1 snowball and 3 lives.

• GarageBand users can now purchase an exclusive collection of 300 guitar, bass, synth and drum loops to create even more amazing music. 

• Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s aspiring celebrity players can treat themselves to (PRODUCT)RED items including (BEATS)RED Solo2 headphones. Kris Jenner, the first family member to join Kim’s in-app world, will make her in-game debut on December 1.

• Head’s Up! competition heats up with an exclusive new deck featuring (RED) words.

• The Human Body debuts the Immune System feature, educating users on how the body fights pathogens. The accompanying handbook features a new section on HIV/AIDS.

• Kitchen Stories Cookbook will offer a special-edition holiday recipe pack, featuring dishes from renowned chefs Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Luke Holden and Michael Lomonaco.

• Monument Valley offers a whole new chapter of Ida’s Journey, marking the final new feature of the game. 

• Over customers have access to a wide selection of (PRODUCT)RED fonts and inspiring artwork, specially created by six artists. Users can share photos with the (RED) brackets overlay to help spread awareness. 

• Paper by FiftyThree enthusiasts can enjoy a new (PRODUCT)RED Essentials Pack including Sketch, Outline, Write, Color and Mixer tools.

• Puzzle & Dragons players have exclusive access to the new (PRODUCT)RED magic stone.

• Rayman Fiesta Run introduces a new (RED) edition to their wacky Fiesta world, and players can purchase a pack of three new costumes for Rayman, Globox and Teensy characters.

• Star Walk 2 users can learn more about Mars with the comprehensive new RED Planet feature.

• Sims FreePlay features a special community challenge that unlocks various rewards, and players can purchase limited-edition (PRODUCT)RED items such as a swimming pool, party plane and piñata.

• Threes! turns (RED) with a limited-edition (PRODUCT)RED theme.

• Toca Boca paints Toca Town (RED)! Kids can discover new (RED) diamonds, sample (RED) ice cream in the app and look for other surprises throughout the game.

More information about Apple’s World AIDS Day 2014 campaign, including Apps for (RED), is available at www.apple.ca/red.

Erica Ramon began working with him to help build the MGMT management company, where she worked with major artists including Thirty Second to Mars, Audra Mae and Kongos. Since moving to New York City and joining DAS, she has managed projects for artists including The Pretty Reckless, Jimmy Cliff, Danny Seth and Katy Tiz.

“I would give the same advice to the performers and to those seeking a career on the business side. Make sure you are committed to the work and that this is something you look forward to waking up to day in and day out. There are perks to this industry for sure, but the work is real and it is 24/7. It can be especially challenging because art is subjective. There is always a strategy in place, but at the end of the day, we all like what we like and we can’t always articulate what or why that is. As an artist, you’ve got to be married to the music.”

Via Music Consultant

From Salon:

The 11-year old I was had listened to lyrics in a pretty cursory way – sometimes getting them wrong, as people do. I just didn’t get the impression that whoever was writing the song had something definitive to say. Like “I Want to Hold Your Hand” is this very amorphous, whatever – it doesn’t seem like it needs to be paid attention to that much. It doesn’t seem like it’s particularly important to the writer. And here’s what’s key to me – it doesn’t seem like it’s that important to the writer. You don’t get the impression that whoever’s writing this really has something to say or really cares about the thing that they say. Here I am listening to you talk – which is so important – and you’re just not saying anything. You’ve yelled fire in a crowded theater, and there’s no fire.

And that informed the way I was listening to songs. Maybe a little later, when I heard Neil Young … And I think it was a while later before I heard any Dylan, and saw lyrics in yet another way – sort of poetic, but his craftsmanship is really incredible, his choice of language and use of words, specific kinds of words and interesting metaphors … That was all a revelation.

But the interesting thing for me was: You can talk about stuff, and only the people who care are going to notice. I thought that was really, really intriguing. And that little nugget of thought stayed with me for many years later, when I was trying to write my own songs, that was the ticket. Dylan is an amazing lyric writer. But I got it from that moment of listening to Gilbert O’Sullivan … Suicide, his parents dying, being left at the altar … that’s some heavy shit. In the context of this little pop song. This was intriguing – I thought, at some level, there’s a way to talk about things that you can’t talk about. But you sort of have deniability in a way – because only the people who listen will get it. The encryption key is, a listener who cares.

Legendary record producer Tony Visconti revisits the Hansa by the Wall studio where he and David Bowie recorded “Heroes”. At the studio he is reunited after thirty years with sound engineer Eduard Meyer who worked on the album and helped the duo to make music history. The trip coincided with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Tony marked the anniversary by delivering a speech to the Citywire Berlin conference describing what it was like to create art in a divided city.

C Sharp Music Promotions welcomes Runaway Angel to its management roster.

Runaway Angel is a new country trio comprised of long time solo artists Cadence Grace, Stacey Zegers & Ann Chaplin. Blending beautiful harmonies, edgy ideas and an arsenal of fans, Runaway Angel is currently recording their debut EP with renowned producer Jason Barry. This summer they appeared in the Emerging Artist Showcase at Boots & Hearts, and also won opening spots for Dierks Bentley and Tim Hicks at Music in the Fields. They recently inked a YouTube admin deal with Ole’s Digital Division and are working hard on unique online content to share with fans while they prepare for the release of their first radio single in early 2015.

This year has proven to be quite the year for the trio’s members Cadence Grace, Stacey Zegers, and Ann Chaplin. In 2014 alone, the “Angels” have placed in the Top 8 at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival’s Emerging Artist Showcase, signed a YouTube Admin Deal with Ole Music Publishing, and performed all across Southern Ontario.

“What really impresses me about these girls, is not only their talent, but the fact that they work hard and all bring an individual skill set to the group”, says Casadie Pederson of C Sharp. “They are the essence of what being a team means and have achieved a lot over the past year, which speaks volumes. They are incredible vocalists, songwriters, and are fantastic people with hearts of gold and a great sense of humor. I am so looking forward to what the future has in store for Runaway Angel and am proud to be an integral part of their team.”

Runaway Angel adds, “We are so pleased about our new management partnership with Casadie and C Sharp Music Promotions. We were very blessed with an incredible first year as a group and knew in 2015 we would need some special help to truly take Runaway Angel to the next level. Casadie not only has a diverse skill set that we felt complimented our own strengths and weaknesses, but she is an incredibly hard worker with an immense amount of passion. She very strongly understands and supports our goals as artists, which is hugely important to us. We’re very excited for what the future holds!”

In 2015, Runaway Angel will drop their debut single “Run Angel Run”, co-written by Cadence, Stacey, Ann and Nashville songwriting veteran Bruce Wallace. Their debut self-titled EP, which they are currently working on with CCMA Award winner Jason Barry, will drop later in the spring.

In the mean time, the ladies of Runaway Angel are consistently connecting with fans through social media and their YouTube page with a variety of content including behind the scenes, covers and parodies.

YouTube is offering creators with 500 or more subscribers custom URLs. When you have a custom URL, you can give people a short, easy-to-remember web address to find your YouTube channel (like youtube.com/c/creatoracademy). The URL options you can select from are based on things like your display name, your YouTube username, any current vanity URLs that you have, or the name of your linked website. Sometimes, you may need to customize the URL by adding letters and numbers to make it unique to you.

Important: You can’t change your custom URL after you create it, so be sure you are comfortable with your choice before you finalize it.

Eligibility requirements

To get a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to be in good standing and meet a few other requirements:

  • 500 or more subscribers
  • Channels is at least 30 days old
  • Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
  • Channel has uploaded channel art

You can also qualify for a custom URL by linking and verifying your official webpage with your channel or +Page.

Get a Custom URL for your channel

Once you’ve qualified for a custom URL, you’ll receive an email notification and a notification on your Creator Studio dashboard. To get your custom URL:

  1. Sign in to YouTube and navigate to the Creator Studio.
  2. Look for your “Get a new custom URL” notification and click in the included link
  3. You’ll be redirected to claim a custom URL.
  4. You’ll see the custom URL(s) you’ve been approved for. These cannot be changed. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique to you.
  5. Click the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service” then click Change URL in the bottom left corner.
  6. This URL will be linked to both your YouTube channel and your Google+ identity. Once your URL has been approved, you cannot request to change it. When you’re certain, click Confirm choice.

Change capitalization or accents of your custom URL

If you want to change the capitalization or accents/diacritics of your custom URL, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google + main menu and then select the page or profile associated with your channel
  2. Click the About tab, and under Links > Google+ URL, click Edit.
  3. A box will appear allowing you to make edits to the formatting.

Remember, you can only change the capitalization and diacritics of the URL, not the URL itself.

Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 to raise money for relief of the 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia. The original version was produced by Midge Ure and released by Band Aid on November 28 1984. Geldof put together a group called Band Aid, consisting of 37 of the leading British and Irish musicians at the time.

The 1984 original became the biggest selling single in UK Singles Chart history, selling a million copies in the first week alone, and passing three million sales on the last day of 1984. It stayed at Number 1 for five weeks, becoming Christmas number one, and has sold 3.7 million copies domestically. Worldwide, the single had sold 11.8 million copies by 1989.

Following the release of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in December 1984 and record sales in aid of famine relief, Geldof then set his sights on staging a huge concert, 1985’s Live Aid, to raise further funds. The song was re-recorded in 1989 by Band Aid II and in 2004 by Band Aid 20, again raising funds for famine relief. The 2004 version of the song sold 1.17 million copies. The song was again re-recorded in 2014 by Band Aid 30, to raise funds for the 2014 Ebola crisis.

Check out the infographic marking the 30th anniversary of the original recording and illustrates the movers and shakers that made this monumental milestone in pop history possible.


From Fast Company:

The band OK Go is known for its insanely creative, viral music videos, and now, they are pushing the bounds of creativity again by releasing their latest album, “Hungry Ghosts,” on DNA.

OK Go is working with Sri Kosuri, a UCLA biochemist, to translate their music so it can be stored in DNA and potentially sold to avid fans. Kosuri has previously translated a book into DNA and his work is focused on storing data biologically. “[DNA is] information,” Kosuri told the New Yorker. “Our bodies use it to code for life, but it could be anything.”

When music is encoded digitally, as with an MP3 file, it is translated into binary code (ones and zeros). To turn it into DNA, Kosuri will change the binary code into genetic code—using the A, G, T, and C bases that are DNA’s building blocks. Once the strain of DNA is created in an electrophoresis machine, a fan could buy a vial containing a few nanograms of DNA dissolved in water, comprising over a hundred thousand copies of the album.

“So, if we sell just one or two water droplets, we’ll have the highest-selling album of all time,” said lead singer Damian Kulash.