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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

One of my all-time favourite labels, Smithsonian Folkways’ latest release is one that can be enjoyed by the entire family: ‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids,’ a 25-track compilation CD of some of the most popular folk songs of all time set to be released July 15. ‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids’ features performances from some of the American folk greats including Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Ella Jenkins and Elizabeth Mitchell, to name a few. The album includes a 40-page booklet with a brief history of these American children’s tunes and the complete lyrics to each track. It’s the 26th album in the award-winning Classic Series from Smithsonian Folkways.

As archivist for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Jeff Place has been involved in the compilation of over fifty CDs of American Music since 1988. Now Place has curated another: ‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids.’ Place previously contributed to Smithsonian Folkways’ compilation of ‘Lead Belly Sings for Children’ the Pete Seeger ‘American Favorite Ballad’ series, and was one of the producers of the acclaimed 1997 edition of the ‘Anthology of American Folk Music.’

Place says of ‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids,’ “the songs included here can be found widely today. Thought of as ‘old and anonymous,’ they have been taught in schools and summer camps. They are songs adults remember from their childhood and can share with their children.” In fact, many of the songs in the album are songs that over time have been shared and changed to evolve to what they are today. Dubbed the “folk process,” a melody was reinvented time and time again with new themes and words to address situations as they arose. During the 20th century, song collectors like John Lomax Sr., Carl Sandburg, and Robert Winslow Gordon collected and preserved many of the songs the great American folk songs that are still sung today.

‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids’ includes timeless American classics that we all remember hearing as children. “Skip to My Lou,” “Yankee Doodle,” and “On Top of Old Smoky” are just a few of the many American signature sing-alongs that appear on the album.

Smithsonian Folkways continues to value children’s music and how it can bring families together through this release. “These songs are for singing together, maybe in a car, maybe at a party, maybe just at home for fun,” notes Place in the forward. “In the spirit of legendary singer Pete Seeger, who dedicated his life to keeping people interacting together and to bonding together through song, we invite you to do the same.”

‘Classic Folk Songs for Kids’ Tracklisting:
1.) Froggie Went a-Courtin’ – Elizabeth Mitchell
2.) Polly Wolly Doodle – Pete Seeger, Bess Hawes, and Tom Glazer
3.) Skip to My Lou – Lead Belly
4.) I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – Ella Jenkins
5.) She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain – Sarah Lee Guthrie and Family
6.) John Henry – Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry
7.) Brown Girl in the Ring – Lord Invader
8.) Old King Cole – Jean Ritchie
9.) Green Grass Grows All Around – Sam Hinton
10.) La rana – Suni Paz
11.) I Had a Rooster – Pete Seeger
12.) Go Tell Aunt Rhody – The Ritchie Family
13.) Miss Mary Mack – Ella Jenkins
14.) Yankee Doodle – Pete Seeger
15.) Rock Island Line – Snooks Eaglin
16.) Big Rock Candy Mountain – Tom Glazer
17.) On Top of Old Smoky – Pete Seeger
18.) Crawdad Song – Cisco Houston
19.) Oh Susannah – Pete Seeger
20.) Goober Peas – Tom Glazer
21.) Arroz con leche – Suni Paz
22.) Riding in the Car – Elizabeth Mitchell
23.) Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo, Get Along Little Dogies – Cisco Houston
24.) Home on the Range – Pete Seeger
25.) Shenandoah – Alan Mills

Rick Astley, the iconic singer with one of music’s most distinctive voices, will release ‘50,’ his first new album in a decade and his first official US release since 1993’s ‘Body & Soul,’ October 7 on BMG. ‘50’ already has Rick atop the charts again, debuting at #1 on the Official Album Chart in the UK last week in a remarkable return for the artist. Rick wrote, produced and performed all of the instruments on this new 12-track collection, the title a nod to Rick’s milestone age. ‘50’ finds Rick returning to his musical roots, with a deeply resonant voice that soars over driving soul, reflective pop and gospel influences.

Rick and his band will come to the US for select intimate rare performances in August, more details to be announced soon.

The first pieces of ‘50’ appeared in early 2015, as Rick started penning new songs and structuring them in his home studio. With encouragement from old friends in the music industry he set forth on crafting this 12-song collection. Lead single “Keep Singing,” which has over 2 million views on YouTube, is a bold opening salvo: a powerful anthem that the BBC says “gives younger artists like John Newman and Sam Smith a run for their money.” The propulsive “This Old House” features a taut dance groove, a fuzzed bass line and quick, punctuated funk riffs. “Angels On My Side” is another powerful ode complete with joyful call and response choruses.

Says Rick: “‘50’ marks both a new chapter in my journey as an artist, and a return to the music I first fell in love with. I could not be more excited to share it with my fans, and take these songs, that have been years in the making, out of the studio and onto the stage.”

Rick Astley has left an indelible mark on pop-culture. With over 40 million records sold, and a catalog of hits, Astley remains one of the most successful solo artists to have emerged from the United Kingdom, holding the distinction of being the first male solo artist to see his first eight singles reach the UK Top Ten. Born in Lancashire, Rick was just 21 years old when “Never Gonna Give You Up” became the major hit of 1987. The single hit number one in 16 countries and propelled his debut album ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’ to worldwide sales of 15 million. Rick returned with new work in the early 2000’s and began touring again to acclaim and sold-out shows across the globe.

Rick has unveiled two music videos for songs from the album, “Keep Singing” and “Angels On My Side”:

Pre-Order 50 on iTunes and Get “Keep Singing” and “Angels On My Side” Now
1.) Keep singing
2.) Angels On My Side
3.) Wish Away
4.) This Old House
5.) Pieces
6.) God Says
7.) I Like The Sun
8.) Somebody Love Me
9.) Let It Rain
10.) Pray With Me
11.) Coming Home Tonight
12.) Let it Be Tonight

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WayCamp, hosted by Fido is an upgraded and souvenir filled experience. Your WayCamp tent will be fully equipped with two air mattresses, two sleeping bags, two pillows, one solar light and one lock. The best part is… you get to keep it all!

Have you ever missed one of your favourite artists at the festival because of your location? Having a WayCamp site gives you a primespot close to all of the WayHome stages. Being that close gives you the option to be first for each show and steps away from artists like The Killers or LCD Soundsystem.

Buy your WayCamp package here and have more time to explore the mystical Burl’s Creek grounds, the stellar music, the delectable food and the wicked ArtWalk.

More info on WayCamp, hosted by Fido here


Illustration from Apple’s patent application

Picture this: you’re at a concert by your favorite band, and suddenly they start to play a deep cut you’ve never heard live before. You raise your phone to take a video and — not happening! Your phone screen simply says, RECORDING DISABLED. That could be the future if Apple implements technology they’ve patented. The invention would, if implemented, allow bands to use infrared transmitters that would interact with iPhones to disable recording during performances.


Based on its track record in 2015, Shazam can help spot hits that are sonically at the edges of CHR’s typical sound. Shazam is particularly effective at helping spot EDM/Dance-oriented songs well over a month before they become big hits on traditional charts:

Blog 2 EDM and Dance image

Shazam can also spot hits beyond Dance, outside CHR’s sonic norm:

Blog 2 beyond Dance


Shazam can also help spot cross over hits from other formats, especially Alternative and Hot AC:

Blog 2 Crossover

So far in 2016, Shazam has been able to spot several early hits that fall into these categories of being outside of CHR’s typical pop-oriented sound:

Blog 2 2016


There are 2 things I have a hard time getting rid of  – my record collection and my baseball cards. While the former might not surprise you, I have an emotional connection to the photo and card stock stored in boxes from my youth. It’s when I started to read trivia facts on the back of the cards and hold on to them for safekeeping. I was a lot of fun at parties.

I’ve been a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays since their first season back in 1977.  For years I kept the Toronto Star newspaper headline of their win against the Chicago White Sox on April 7th that same year. I have been able to enjoy being a fan from listening to them on my transistor radio underneath my pillow for the night games radio, to a black and white TV, to SD, to HD, and now able to view them in 4K.

When music’s persuasive energy came into my life around the same time, it seemed there was no way to merge my two loves – sports and music couldn’t really mix, could it? Yes, they did.

It would seem that I have Lou Brock to thank for this. In the National League, St. Louis Cardinals leadoff hitter Lou used to ask Busch Stadium organist Ernie Hays to play the “Theme From Shaft” for his trips to the plate in the early 1970s.

Walk-up music for batters stepped up with the 1993 Seattle Mariners, noted as the first team to do it as a ritual for every hitter in the lineup.

But don’t look for Led Zeppelin’s full 8-minute Stairway To Heaven to be played during a game. Major League Baseball even has rules regarding walkout songs:

Any musical clip used to introduce a batter should start immediately after the public address announcement and should stop when the batter reaches the dirt cut-out surrounding home plate. Music clips between pitches should be limited in order not to encourage the hitter to leave the batter’s box.

There are the endless thoughts in my mind about selections being played in the stadium when players are heading to the mound or the batter’s box. Why is this song being chosen? Is it the lyrics? Is the artist a personal favourite of theirs? Is there a story behind the song that resonates with the player? For the Toronto Blue Jays, a look at their song selection gives a bit more insight to their competition, yet fun, nature of playing a kid’s game. Or maybe it’s an excuse for a fun fact or two about the song.

DJ at the ready, and get ready drop the bass, here are the Toronto Blue Jays selections that rev them, and fans up.

Aaron Loup

Aaron Loup

Buy Me A Boat Chris Janson

The song debuted at #18 on Billboard 200, selling 18,536 copies in its first week.

Take It Outside Brantley Gilbert

If you’ve ever stuck around a bar after Midnight and a fight started between a couple people, then you basically know this song. Aaron should only have this when playing in outdoor stadiums.

Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez

Brightside Mike Stud

 Mike Stud is a former college baseball player. His first musical recognition came with the release of viral single “College Humor”, while he was a relief pitcher at Duke.

We Dem Boyz Wiz Khalifa

Wiz has released 5 studio albums and 34 music videos. Think about that for a moment.

Bo Schultz

Bo Schultz

I Got 5 On It Luniz

“I got 5 on it” is a phrase meaning to pay half of a dime bag (a $10 bag of dope) with another person.

Brett Cecil

Brett Cecil

 Shepherd Of Fire Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged’s drummer Arin Ilejay says that he was “totally shocked and scared” after being fired by the band in 2014.  Nobody would begrudge him if he was talking about trying to hit Brett’s fastball.

Dalton Pompey

Dalton Pompey

Know Yourself Drake

Dalton was born in Mississauga, ON, which makes him prime to love Drake for a hometown pick. However, by picking the clean version, it automatically makes him a nice, kind Canadian for life.

Darwin Barney

Darwin Barney

Attention Span Rebelution

Toronto is Darwin’s third team, so, he gets to pick three songs.

  It Was A Good Day (Instrumental) Ice Cube

That day was January 20, 1992. Truth.

  It Was A Good Day Ice Cube

It was the only day where Yo MTV Raps was on air, it was a clear and smogless day in Los Angeles, beepers or pages were commercially sold, the Lakers beat the SuperSonics, and Ice Cube had no filming commitments.

Drew Hutchison

Drew Hutchison

Saturday Night Special Lynyrd Skynyrd

Robert E. Lee High School was where the group acquired the name Lynyrd Skynyrd from their physical-education teacher Leonard Skinner.

Drew Storen

Drew Storen

God’s Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash

The lyrics are a warning to all you sinners out there in the 500 section that no matter how hard they try, they will not avoid God’s judgment. Or the ushers. Which are friendlier. But still, you don’t wanna be ejected. So be cool.

  Paul Revere Beastie Boys

Lyric: “The sun is beating down on my baseball hat/The air is gettin’ hot the beer is getting flat.” Perfect.

Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin Encarnacion

Adiccion Al Contacto Don Miguelo

Edwin chose 5 songs, so who am I to judge? The Mayor of Miguelo’s native San Francisco de Macoris once gave Don a plaque as Distinguished Son. Toronto should do the same with Edwin.

Como Yo Le Doy Don Miguelo

Before turning to music, Don worked as a tailor. In April, Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons went on rant after controversial review: ‘Maybe we’ll come out wearing dresses tomorrow.’ Maybe Don can design one.

De Amor Nadie Se Muere Secreto

The chorus has “if you do not want me, someone wants me.” No matter what happens in the front office, Edwin, the fans want you to stay.

El Mayor Classico Ricky Ricon

Ricky Ricon is also known as Richie Rich from the comic book fame’s world’s richest man, the son of a tycoon with a fortune of more than 70 billion dollars, which believes that money can buy everything.

Tu Eres La Vaina Mark B

“You have everything. You have everything.” Deep inside Edwin’s body and soul, he has everything, too, including the Major League lead in RBIs.

Ezequiel Carrera

Ezequiel Carrera

Limbo Daddy Yankee

“Limbo” was written specially for Zumba Fitness demonstrating the dance fitness company’s now-towering presence in the Latin music industry.

Gavin Floyd

Gavin Floyd

The Outsiders Eric Church

Eric Church says of his “The Outsiders” album: “Anybody puts it on shuffle, I”ll come kill them myself. It’s made to be listened to start to finish.”

  You Can’t Stop Me Andy Mineo

Mineo is a Christian hip-hop artist and his Gravity album won the Best Gospel Album category in the 2013 Grammy Awards.

J.A. Happ

J.A. Happ

Testify Rage Against The Machine

J.A. wore plaid before it was cool and got behind the #PlaidForDad campaign in support of prostate cancer research. You know who else wore a lot of plaid? Rage Against The Machine. See? This is how music and sports are connected.

Jason Grilli

Jason Grilli

Whipping Pearl Jam

Opening lines: “Don’t need a helmet, got a hard, hard head.” Don’t take this to heart with opposing batters, Jason.

Jesse Chavez

Jesse Chavez

Heavyweight Rick Ross

 Before 100-pound weight loss in 2014, Rick Ross weighed over 400.

Low Rider War

“Low Rider” is featured in The Simpsons episode “A Midsummer’s Nice Dream” when Homer goes on tour with Cheech of Cheech and Chong fame.

68_607352Joe Biagini

Tears Of A Clown Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

This song sold over 4 million copies and was so big, it forced Miracles lead singer, songwriter, and producer Smokey Robinson, who had announced plans to leave the act, to stay until 1972.

Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista

New Level ASAP Ferg

Ferg’s father, Darold Ferguson, owned a Harlem boutique and printed shirts and logos for record labels including Bad Boy Records and luminaries such as Teddy Riley, Heavy D, Bell Biv DeVoe, and more.

Trophies (featuring Drake) Young Money

Jose has a lot of trophies, too, including 5-time American League Player of the Month, 2-time Hank Aaron Award, and 3-time Silver Slugger Award at outfield.

Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson

Ball Like This LA Leakers featuring Future

‘Ball Like This’ celebrates the aspirations of the kid growing up in South Central to the kid creating that new tech start up or that ballplayer making MVP.

In The Air Tonight Phil Collins

It’s not about a drowning incident in which someone who was close enough to save the victim did not help them, while Phil, who was too far away to help, looked on. So stop that.

Josh Thole

Josh Thole

Astronaut Ohboy Prince

 Opening lines, “I am GM track/lately I’ve been taking off like an astronaut”. If Josh goes into the front office one day, they’ll be playing this on his first day of work.

Long Time Kevin Gates

 “For a long time I been getting paper” goes the song. Josh has only gotten paper once in the form of a trade from the NY Mets to Toronto. He also had a lot of the daily paper on June 1, 2012, when he became the first Mets catcher to participate in a no-hitter.

Justin Smoak

Justin Smoak

Bottoms Up Brantley Gilbert

Co-written with Brett James, who also wrote Carrie Underwood’s 2006 #1 hit “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” which received Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song.

  People Back Home Florida Georgia Line

Justin’s people back home are from Goose Creek, South Carolina, where they total 35,938 in population, or 2,000 less than the average attendance of the Jays’ home games in 2016.

Kevin Pillar

Kevin Pillar

Candyman Aloe Blacc

The song is a reinterpretation of Sammy Davis Jr.’s three-week 1972 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “The Candy Man” (with the Mike Curb Congregation), originally sung by Aubrey Woods in the classic 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The new version is a tie-in to the 75th anniversary of M&Ms.

Dancing In The Moonlight Toploader

French-American rock band King Harvest first released the song in 1972, but the song finally charted in the UK in March 2000, after being covered in 1999 by Toploader, which used the first part of the first verse instead of the second part of the first verse.

    Time Of Our Lives Pitbull featuring Neyo

6 people wrote this song, including Canadian producer  Cirkut, which makes it slightly Canadian content. It hit #1 in 3 countries including Croatia.

Marco Estrada

Marco Estrada

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Drowning Pool

Lead singers tend to make a larger-than-life thudding sound when they hit the floor due to their arm strength. Drowning Pool is currently on their 4th lead singer. That’s a lot of bodies for a 20-year old band.

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman

5 AM In Toronto Drake

Sanple lyric: “Most number ones ever, how long did it really take me?” Drake has the most number one singles on the US Hot Rap Songs chart with 15, and as a rap artist, he has the most number one singles on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, with 16. How long did it take him? 7 years.  Marcus was drafted in the 18th round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft (532nd overall) by the Washington Nationals, but did not sign. That was 7 years ago, too.

Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders

Hypnotize Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie’s double-disc album Life After Death, released 16 days after he was killed, rose to No. 1 on the U.S. album charts and was certified Diamond with 10 million records sold, one of the few hip hop albums to receive this certification.

Pat Venditte

Pat Venditte

Switch Will Smith

Will switched careers from music to movies, and is the only actor to have 8 consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office, 11 consecutive films gross over $150 million internationally, and 8 consecutive films in which he starred open at the #1 spot in the domestic box office tally. Pat is a switch pitcher, capable of pitching proficiently with both arms. He is the only active professional pitcher who is able to do this.

R.A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey

Game Of Thrones Theme Ramin Djawad

The theme is composed by Ramin Djawadi who also created the opening songs for  Iron Man, Pacific Rim and Warcraft and television’s Prison Break and Person of Interest.


Roberto OsunaRoberto Osuna

Booyah Showtek

BBC’s Zane Lowe played it on his show and called it the ‘hottest record in the world’. The official hottest recorded temperature is now 56.7 C (134 F), which was measured on July 10, 1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California.

   Don’t Panic French Montana

French Montana isn’t French or from Montana. Born in Morocco, he immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13 years old. Roberto was signed by the Blue Jays out of Mexico as a 16-year-old, and on April 8, 2015, he became the youngest pitcher to appear in a game for the organization, and the first player born in 1995 to play in Major League Baseball.

Russell Martin

Russell Martin

Got To Give It Up Marvin Gaye

The catcher is often the unofficial captain of the team. If you think Russell’s selection is already cool and leads with his selection, just wait.

Hip Hop Hooray Naughty By Nature

 Back to those Seattle Mariners, when each player would have their own selection. Theywould play this song after Ken Griffey Jr. was officially announced coming to bat at the Kingdome. We’re down with O.P.P.

Jumpman Drake featuring Future

On the March 5, 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live, on which Future was the musical guest, he performed the song with host Jonah Hill during the show’s opening monologue. Hill performed Drake’s part.

The Boss James Brown

If Russell Martin wants to DJ your next event, you let him. James Brown? The Boss? Damn. THAT’S brilliant.

Truffle Butter Nicki Minaj featuring Drake, Lil Wayne

This song is so good, it’s a mystery why it’s a bonus track placement on Minaj’s third studio album The Pinkprint.

Ryan Goins

Ryan Goins

Ayo Chris Brown featuring Tyga

“If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.” Ryan Goins signed a 1-year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s due for a payday in the off season.

  U Don’t Know Jay-Z

 “You don’t know.. what you’re doing, doing, doing” Ryan has made 3 errors all season long. He knows what he’s doing, doing, doing.

Wrong One Jack & Jack

 While still in high school, Jack & Jack found success via the social media app Vine, and turned to a career as musicians. They have accumulated over 6 million followers, becoming two of the most popular Viners.

Ryan Tepera

Ryan Tepera

Welcome Home Coheed And Cambria

Ryan was initially left off of the postseason roster, however he was added on October 10 after Brett Cecil suffered a season-ending calf injury the day prior. Welcome home.

Troy Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki

Public Service Announcement Jay Z

With all due respect to changing Jay Z’s lyric: Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present this ballplayer as a living testament and recollection of history in the making during our generation.

The Man Aloe Blacc

Elton John and Bernie Taupin are also credited as co-writers of The Man, because the song’s chorus is built upon an interpolation of the line ” You can tell everybody” from Elton’s 1971 single “Your Song”, co-written with Bernie.

I’ve been a baseball, and Blue Jay fan all my life, and while I can’t be there at every game, I’ve been living my #LifeIn4K for the past few months enjoying Samsung’s 4K SUHD TV and the Rogers NextBox delivering stunningly vivid, authentic images and superior sound like you’ve never seen – or heard walk-up music – before.

RCA Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release Way Down In The Jungle Room, a definitive new 2CD collection of Elvis Presley’s last studio recordings, on Friday, August 5.

The most complete and comprehensive collection of Presley’s final studio recordings ever assembled in one anthology, Way Down In The Jungle Room is an essential and welcome addition for every fan’s library. In the mid-1970s, Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, became another kind of pioneer as one of the world’s first major recording artists to create fully-realized professional level records in the intimacy of his own home studio.

With original recordings executive-produced by Elvis Presley with producer Felton Jarvis (who’d helmed most of Elvis’ records from 1966-1977), Way Down In The Jungle Room brings together, for the first time in one collection, master recordings and rare outtakes laid down during two mythic sessions (February 2-8, 1976 and October 28-30, 1976) in Graceland’s den–known as the “Jungle Room”–which was converted into a professional caliber recording studio for the purpose of capturing these indelible performances. The outtakes have been newly mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee.

For these sessions, Elvis was backed by many members of his longtime touring band including: James Burton (guitar), Ronnie Tutt(drums), David Briggs (keyboards), Glenn D. Hardin (keyboards), Jerry Scheff (bass), Norbert Putnam (bass) and J.D. Sumner & the Stamps (vocals).

In 1976, when the tracks for Way Down In The Jungle Room were cut, Elvis Presley had been an RCA Records recording artist for 20 years, inventing the sound and attitude that defined the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll. That same year, RCA released The Sun Sessions, the label’s first official collection of the electrifying 1954-1955 Elvis recordings that launched his career while transforming the world.

Having entered his 40s, Elvis Presley was evolving as an artist and, rather than bask in the nostalgia of his 1950s watershed recordings, was looking for new ways to express himself musically. Needing to create new sounds for a new era, Elvis Presley–who’d been charting on Country and Adult Contemporary stations–decided to convert the Hawaiian-themed “Jungle Room” (a relaxation den in his fabled Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee) into an informal home studio, where he could lay down tracks the way he wanted, outside the budget and scheduling pressures of the professional studios he’d worked in previously. With the help of RCA’s mobile recording truck and longtime producer Felton Jarvis and engineer Mike Moran at the board, Elvis tackled a far-ranging mix of country and pop covers (“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” “Danny Boy,” “Solitaire”) and late-period classics of his catalog, such as “Moody Blue” and “Way Down.”

Ten of the “Jungle Room” master takes first emerged on From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee in the spring of 1976, including the Top 10 hit “Hurt.” More tracks from these sessions were later paired with live material and released in July 1977 (a month before Elvis’ death on August 16) on the Moody Blue album. The title track would top the country charts that month; “Way Down” would follow. These were the last studio albums released during Elvis’ lifetime.

According to the album’s producers, Way Down In The Jungle Room has been resequenced to “bring a fresh perspective to the material.” The material on Disc 2 – The Outtakes was mixed for this collection at the Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis and includes both outtakes and in-the-studio dialog, providing a “fly-on-the-wall experience of what the sessions were like.” With the exception of track 13 (“She Thinks I Still Care”), the performances on Disc 2 have been sequenced in the order they were recorded.

Way Down In The Jungle Room with also be available on 150g 12″ vinyl in a 2LP gatefold sleeve and as a digital collection.

Elvis Presley
Way Down In The Jungle Room

01 Way Down (2:38)
02 She Thinks I Still Care (3:51)
03 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (3:17)
04 Pledging My Love (2:51)
05 For The Heart (3:22)
06 Love Coming Down (3:07)
07 He’ll Have To Go (4:32)
08 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (3:41)
09 Hurt (2:07)
10 Never Again (2:51)
11 Danny Boy (3:56)
12 Solitaire (4:40)
13 Moody Blue (2:49)
14 It’s Easy For You (3:27)
15 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (3:44)
16 The Last Farewell (4:02)

01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 1 (5:15)
02 She Thinks I Still Care – take 10 (6:30)
03 The Last Farewell – take 2 (4:15)
04 Solitaire – take 7 (5:37)
05 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – take 5 (4:04)
06 Moody Blue – take1 (3:53)
07 For The Heart – take 1 (3:55)
08 Hurt – take 3 (2:30)
09 Danny Boy – take 9 (4:02)
10 Never Again – take 9 – 3:56
11 Love Coming Down – take 3 (3:17)
12 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – take 4 (4:59)
13 She Thinks I Still Care – (alternate version) take 2 (4:26)
14 It’s Easy For You – take 1 – (5:24)
15 Way Down – take 2 – 3:50
16 Pledging My Love – take 3 (5:34)
17 For The Heart – take 4 (4:13)

Elvis Presley
Way Down In The Jungle Room

01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 1 (5:15)
02 She Thinks I Still Care – take 10 (6:30)
03 The Last Farewell – take 2 (4:15)
04 Solitaire – take 7 (5:37)

01 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – take 5 (4:04)
02 Moody Blue – take 1 (3:53)
03 For The Heart – take 1 (3:55)
04 Hurt – take 3 (2:30)
05 Danny Boy – take 9 (4:02)

01 Never Again – take 9 (3:56)
02 Love Coming Down – take 3 (3:17)
03 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – take 4 (4:59)
04 She Thinks I Still Care – (alternate version) take 2 (4:26)

01 It’s Easy For You – take 1 (5:24)
02 Way Down – take 2 (3:50)
03 Pledging My Love – take 3 (5:34)
04 For The Heart – take 4 (4:13)

Shakey Pictures will release two rare Neil Young films – the critically acclaimed director’s cut of the post-apocalyptic musical comedy Human Highway and the restored and remixed Rust Never Sleeps –a concert fantasy — on Blu-Ray and DVD for the first time via Reprise Records.

Rust Never Sleeps – a concert fantasy is a full-length feature including many of Young’s most popular songs, Rust Never Sleeps, digitally remixed and restored by Shakey Pictures for Blu-Ray and DVD, recently screened in sold-out theaters nationwide to ecstatic response and reviews and will be released July 1st.

Human Highway is Young’s 1982 legendary comedy starring Russ Tamblyn, Charlotte Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, and Devo, digitally remixed and restored by Shakey Pictures for Blu-Ray and DVD. This is the director’s cut of this cult classic, recently screened in sold-out theaters nationwide to ecstatic response and reviews. Human Highway will be released on July 22nd.

Pre-orders for both Blu-Ray and DVD are available now through Amazon.com and the Neil Young Store. Special bundles will be available exclusively through Neil Young Store only.