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Your mediocre old hand really isn’t that lovable, so why not turn it into an adorable, wrinkly pug? That’s the magic of this set of five-finger puppets, one 2” flat-faced pug head and four 1-1/2” paws. While making your hand less practical for things like typing, cake decorating and sign language, it gives you a constant canine companion. Practice making a loud snorting noise and complete the illusion. Don’t blame us if your hand starts to take long naps, beg for pizza and snore while it sleeps; these puppets are just that realistic.

The Handipug, which includes four paws and one adorable head, is currently available to purchase from the Archie McPhee shop.

What follows is a transcript of Prince’s very first interview. It appeared in his high school newspaper on February 16, 1976, accompanied by a picture of a young afro-clad Prince sitting at a piano.

Nelson Finds It “Hard To Become Known”

“I play with Grand Central Corporation. I’ve been playing with them for two years,” Prince Nelson, senior at Central, said. Prince started playing piano at age seven and guitar when he got out of eighth grade.

Prince was born in Minneapolis. When asked, he said, “I was born here, unfortunately.” Why? “I think it is very hard for a band to make it in this state, even if they’re good. Mainly because there aren’t any big record companies or studios in this state. I really feel that if we would have lived in Los Angeles or New York or some other big city, we would have gotten over by now.”

He likes Central a great deal, because his music teachers let him work on his own. He now is working with Mr. Bickham, a music teacher at Central, but has been working with Mrs. Doepkes.

He plays several instruments, such as guitar, bass, all keyboards, and drums. He also sings sometimes, which he picked up recently. He played saxophone in seventh grade but gave it up. He regrets he did. He quit playing sax when school ended one summer. He never had time to practice sax anymore when he went back to school. He does not play in the school band. Why? “I really don’t have time to make the concerts.”

Prince has a brother that goes to Central whose name is Duane Nelson, who is more athletically enthusiastic. He plays on the basketball team and played on the football team. Duane is also a senior.

Prince plays by ear. “I’ve had about two lessons, but they didn’t help much. I think you’ll always be able to do what your ear tells you, so just think how great you’d be with lessons also,” he said.

“I advise anyone who wants to learn guitar to get a teacher unless they are very musically inclined. One should learn all their scales too. That is very important,” he continued.

Prince would also like to say that his band is in the process of recording an album containing songs they have composed. It should be released during the early part of the summer.

“Eventually I would like to go to college and start lessons again when I’m much older.”

15-year-old pianist Alexey Romanov of Zelenodolsk, Russia has defied all expectations by becoming an excellent pianist even though he has no fingers, and only one leg.

Romanov was born with a terrible illness that left him without hands and a leg. After being adopted four years ago, he fell in love with Mozart and Vivaldi and decided to learn how to play the piano. He has prosthetic arms, though he prefers not to use them while playing because he finds them uncomfortable. Sadly, his prosthetic leg is broken, but he still walks on it because it’s too expensive for his family to fix.

He recently played a concert with the respected La Primavera chamber orchestra, performing the song “River Flows in You” by South Korean pianist, Yiruma.


Michael Jackson’s Thriller is considered a disco-funk song of the highest order. Set in the key of C♯ Modern Dorian, its instrumentation consists of synthesizer, guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, saxophone, flute and trombone. The song has a moderate tempo of 118.31 beats per minute. The lyrics and sound effects on “Thriller” pertain to frightful elements and themes.

But none of that matters when you remove the music, and left with those…errr…natural sounds, courtesy of Mario Wienerroither.

Matt Mahaffey aka sElf performs his song Could You Love Me Now in this unique and amazing video directed by Bodie Orman. This was shot backwards and you are viewing it forwards. So the first shot you see was the last shot filmed. Done in one take, Matt learned the lyrics to the song backwards and walked backwards for this video.

If you want to follow along, the lyrics he had to learn again are:

oh -an-nimulge-nuk
wu eesch na pearl wsinth -oahww
luv-aay nahhsuak nithel on seth
oh an-nimulge-nuk
hey moez noa did dee gaznea
neadrua thew gnar nithel on seth
nog monet eeea beinma oohon say ash
snaearlwu mussyeartth
NAAiii look masishnuss
emm nain all bish faeast ist toebehest

Aerodrums is an air-drumming instrument. It runs on your computer and understands your drumming intent by watching you drum through a high speed camera. However, Aerodrums cannot be used to drum outdoors in daylight, so forget those Coachella dreams for a moment.

Aerodrums uses a subset of the Natural Drum Kit sample library, providing very high quality sound and expressiveness on par with a real drum kit.

For example, Aerodrums supports 16 different levels of openness for the hi-hats and uses as many as 58 different sound samples for a given openness level, per hand. Aerodrums uses different samples for the dominant and non-dominant hand.

You can point Aerodrums to your own sample collections to create new drums or cymbals to include in your drum kits. Aerodrums can also output MIDI notes as you drum, enabling you to trigger any MIDI compatible sampler (e.g. VST instruments such as Toontrack’s Superior Drummer), as well as record what you drum straight into a Digital Audio Workstation.

Here is a detailed list of the drums, cymbals and percussion that are sampled in the subset of the Natural Drum Kit library that Aerodrums uses:

  • Snares: Yamaha Peter Erskine Signature Model, 10 x 4 and Pearl Masters “All Maple”, 12 x 7.
  • Kick drums: Gretsch USA Maple, 20 x 16 and Gretsch USA Maple, 14 x 11 floor tom, positioned and played as a kick.
  • Hi-hats: UFIP 13″ “Bionic Series”
  • Splashes: UFIP 8″ and 12″ “Natural Series” splashes.
  • Crashes: UFIP 15″ and 18″ “Natural Series” crashes.
  • China: Zildjian 19″ “K Series”.
  • Ride: UFIP 20″ “Natural Series”.
  • Toms: Gretsch USA Maple 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, one set of samples tuned for a bop sound and another set for a rock sound
  • Cowbell: Meinl 8” “Original Realplayer” steelbell
  • Tambourine

If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate at work, let Hipster Sound help you refocus your energy and thoughts. Hipster Sound is an online tool that recreates calming ambient noises and sounds—helping you turn your environment into a more productive one. You can select from Busy Cafe, Cafés de Paris, or Quiet Resto to hear people quietly chattering, complete with the clinking of mugs.