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Devin Townsend is proud to present to you the 2nd official promo video for Casualties of Cool’s ‘Flight’. This beautifully haunting video was shot, directed and edited, at his own initiative, by Konrad Palkeiwicz who is one of Devin’s dearest friends.

Devin comments:

Casualties Of Cool is one of my favourite things, if not my favourite thing I’ve done to date. It’s pretty left of centre, and now that my big Z2 project and all its chaos is nearing completion, it means even more to me. A dark and quiet place to go.

Finally, its available for people who didn’t order through Pledge, and I’m proud to present the video for ‘Flight’, done by long-time friend and collaborator Konrad Palkeiwicz. Konrad moved to an Island and filmed his interpretation of the song and I think it’s beautiful.

We have been rehearsing for our upcoming shows at Union Chapel and Savoy Teatteri in Finland, and it’s really a pleasure to have the ability to do this type of music.’

Thank you for the support!

You can view the official promo video for ‘Flight’ here:

A project over four years in the making, largely at night when home from turning the dial up for the day job in the studio, ‘Casualties of Cool’ saw Townsend look at himself in order to go forward. Digging out a battered old Fender amp and telecaster, he revisited the rootsy country and North American folk music of his youth. Driven simply by the desire to see how things unfolded, free of the usual recording contract constraints and subsequent limits on time, the album released back in June reached No. 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, No.11 in the Indie album charts and No.77 in the UK album charts.

The album was fully supported by a crowdfunding campaign on Pledge Music reaching nearly 550% of its intended target which made it one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns to date. This huge success also contributed to Devin winning the prestigious ‘King of the Internet’ award at the 2014 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards which were held in London on June 16.

David Bowie will re-release his astounding Sound + Vision box set on September 22nd. The Sound+Vision 4 CD boxset covers Bowie’s career from 1969 to 1994 starting with the acoustic demo version of his first hit, Space Oddity to the return to his Bromley roots for the soundtrack to Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha Of Suburbia which is often cited as the most underrated piece in the Bowie canon.

As his surprise return with The Next Day showed, Bowie continues to be a cutting edge musician and artist, icon, fashion guru, and all round inspiration to several generations and remains a unique phenomenon in contemporary culture.

Sound+Vision is a collection spanning four decades, covering the 21 albums from Space Oddity through to The Buddha Of Suburbia. It’s a rich survey of David Bowie’s many musical lives offering a generous helping of hits, an intriguing dip into archives, classic album tracks and long lost B-sides, explosive live recordings, soundtrack recordings and remixes.

Sound+Vision also documents Bowie’s ever-onward work aesthetic. From Dylan inspired folkie (The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud) to the hard-rocking hero of grunge legends Nirvana (‘The Man Who Sold The World’); from Glam Rock superstar (Ziggy Stardust) to white soul pioneer (Young Americans); electronica trailblazer (Warszawa) to first New Romantic (Ashes To Ashes); stadium filling star (Modern Love) to high endurance 90s legend (Jump They Say). He’s been there – and back again – often before anyone else has.

Other albums recorded by Bowie after the time span of this box set are Outside (1995), Earthling (1997), ‘hours…’ (1999), Heathen (2002), Reality (2003) and The Next Day (2013).

1/ Space Oddity (original demo 1969)
2/ The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (rare B-side version 1969)
3/ The Prettiest Star (single version 1970)
4/ London Bye Ta-Ta (stereo mix recorded 1970)
5/ Black Country Rock (from The Man Who Sold The World)
6/ The Man Who Sold The World (from The Man Who Sold The World)
7/ The Bewlay Brothers (from Hunky Dory)
8/ Changes (from Hunky Dory)
9/ Round And Round (alternate vocal take 1971)
10/Moonage Daydream (from The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars)
11/John I’m Only Dancing (Aladdin Sane outtake 1973)
12/Drive-In Saturday (from Aladdin Sane 1973)
13/Panic In Detroit (from Aladdin Sane 1973)
14/Ziggy Stardust (live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973)
15/White Light/White Heat (live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973)
16/Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide (live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973)
17/Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (from Pinups 1973)
18/Sorrow (from Pinups 1973)
19/Don’t Bring Me Down (from Pinups 1973)

CD 2:
1/ 1984/Dodo (recorded 1973)
2/ Big Brother (from Diamond Dogs 1974)
3/ Rebel Rebel (rare single version 1974)
4/ Suffragette City (from David Live 1974)
5/ Watch That Man (from David Live 1974)
6/ Cracked Actor (from David Live 1974)
7/ Young Americans (from Young Americans 1975)
8/ Fascination (from Young Americans 1975)
9/ After Today (Young Americans outtake 1975)
10/It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City (recorded 1975)
11/TVC15 (from Station To Station 1976)
12/Wild Is The Wind (from Station To Station 1976)
13/Sound And Vision (from Low 1977)
14/Be My Wife (from Low 1977)
15/Speed Of Life (from Low 1977)
16/”Helden” (German version of Heroes – 1989 remix)
17/Joe The Lion (from Heroes 1977)
18/Sons Of The Silent Age (from Heroes 1977)

CD 3:
1/ Station To Station (from Stage 1978)
2/ Warszawa (from Stage 1978)
3/ Breaking Glass (from Stage 1978)
4/ Red Sails (from Lodger 1979)
5/ Look Back In Anger (from Lodger 1979)
6/ Boys Keep Swinging (from Lodger 1979)
7/ Up The Hill Backwards (from Scary Monsters 1980)
8/ Kingdom Come (from Scary Monsters 1980)
9/ Ashes To Ashes (from Scary Monsters 1980)
10/Baal’s Hymn (from Baal E.P.)
11/Drowned Girl (from Baal E.P.)
12/Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (soundtrack album version)
13/China Girl (from Let’s Dance)
14/Ricochet (from Let’s Dance)
15/Modern Love (Live) (B-side)
16/Loving The Alien (from Tonight)
17/Dancing With The Big Boys (from Tonight)

CD 4:
1/ Blue Jean (from Tonight)
2/ Time Will Crawl (from Never Let Me Down)
3/ Baby Can Dance (from Tin Machine)
4/ Amazing (from Tin Machine)
5/ I Can’t Read (from Tin Machine)
6/ Shopping For Girls (from Tin Machine II)
7/ Goodbye Mr. Ed (from Tin Machine II)
8/ Amlapura (from Tin Machine II)
9/ You’ve Been Around (from Black Tie White Noise)
10/Nite Flights (Moodswings Back To Basics Remix Radio Edit)
11/Pallas Athena (Gone Midnight Mix)
12/Jump They Say (from Black Tie White Noise)
13/Buddha Of Suburbia (from The Buddha Of Suburbia)
14/Dead Against It (from The Buddha Of Suburbia)
15/South Horizon (from The Buddha Of Suburbia)
16/Pallas Athena (Live as Tao Jones Index)

From Billboard:

Taking a page from the Vulfpeck playbook, folk singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked has released an album consisting of silent songs that are named mostly after executives in the digital music world.

The 11-track album, titled Inaudible Women, is available for purchase on cdbaby.com, with silent tunes — most clocking in at less than a minute — named after such high-ranking digital music execs as SiriusXM executive VP/general counsel Patrick Donnelly and Clear Channel executive VP/general counsel Robert Walls.

“Inaudible Women” also features a song named after journalist Chris Willman, a contributor to Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter who wrote about Shocked’s anti-gay comments at a San Francisco concert in 2013.

Stones Throw Records released Jonwayne’s “Cassette” late last year, raps & beats designed to look like a pack of cigarettes. Soon after, they got a cease & desist letter from smokes giant Philip Morris demanding that they pull the cassettes and have them destroyed. No use fighting The Man, so they’re taking that cassette out of production …. and here’s their new one. The new Jonwayne release is a 180-gram vinyl with download card packaged as the biggest cassette you’ve ever seen. This will not play in cassette player – turntable required.



From Stones Throw:

Jonwayne had the simple idea of releasing a few underground tracks on a cassette when he first signed to Stones Throw. He wanted to simply call it Cassette, released only on tape, designed by Jeff Jank to look like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes – no CD, no vinyl, no digital. 

Little did we know we’d have lawyers for the western world’s largest cigarette company kicking down our door when the tape came out claiming trademark infringement. Actually, it was thrilling that they even cared, and it presented a nice match for two things going out of style: cassette tapes and lung cancer. 

Just as the original Cassette was forced out of print, Jonwayne came back with Cassette 2. Again, tape only. Steering clear of any possible trademark issues, we packaged this one to look like a can of Coke. 

A few months later came Cassette 3, possibly the best of them all. Designed in the style of a 1st generation iPod, copies were handed out at the local Apple store.  Some of the Geniuses had never seen a cassette. 

Jonwayne went on to release his ambitious debut album Rap Album One, our stock of the remaining Cassette 2 and Cassette 3 has run low, and the lawyers have gone away. 

We always wanted some of these tracks on vinyl, so Jon picked some of his favorite tracks from the series.  We’ve remastered them all, pressed them onto a thick slab of 180-gram wax, and packaged it in a giant cassette sleeve. The record features co-production by Mndsgn on “Altitude,” and features MCs Jeremiah Jae, Oliver the 2nd and Zero. Mastered by Daddy Kev. Design by Jeff Jank. 

Legendary Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant’s new album, “Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar”, will be released September 9 on Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records. Produced by Plant, the album is his label debut and features 11 new recordings, nine of which are original songs written by Plant with his band, The Sensational Space Shifters, and pre-orders are available now at RobertPlant.com and include a limited-edition print and an instant download of an album track.

A short film titled “Returning To The Borders”, which explores the themes of “Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar”, can be seen below. In the clip, Plant wonders the English countryside while recalling his travels in the American south — travels which influenced the album’s lyrics.

He says: “I’ve been away a long time from these borders. I spent a lot of time traveling through the south. I was searching to see if I could find out the character of the area from the radio that was on in the car. So I wrote the lyrics against an amazing link to those days, back in the 1930s and ’40s, when the south was the centre of the black revolution in music, before the Great Migration up to Chicago.

“I see life and what’s happening to me. Along the trail, there are expectations, disappointments, happiness, questions and strong relationships, and now I’m able to express my feelings through melody, power and trance; together in a kaleidescope of sound, colour, and friendship.”

On September 9, 2014, Sloan, will release their 11th studio album Commonwealth via Yep Roc Records. The 15 song collection sees Sloan creating one of the most unique and ambitious recordings of their two-decade-plus career. Today, Exclaim.ca premiered the Patrick Pentland-penned, Keep Swinging (Downtown), the first single to be released from Commonwealth. Listen here and pre-order the album today with an immediate download of Keep Swinging (Downtown).

The Toronto-based rock quartet is perhaps the most truly democratic group in the annals of pop, with Jay FergusonChris MurphyPatrick Pentland, and Andrew Scott all contributing original compositions to each record, equal partners with equal say over every aspect of their work. Where in the past creative lines have been blurred to create the multi-faceted Sloan sound, Commonwealth sees the four bandmates disassociating ever so slightly to create an old-school double album sequenced with each member staking out a single side as their own artistic dominion.

Designated by the four playing card suits, the essentially solo sides allow for all four members’ work to at last be heard through the prism of individual identity. Ferguson’s opening Diamond side showcases his remarkable knack for symphonic pop, Pentland’s Shamrock offers a substantial helping of pedal-hoppin’ psych rock, and Murphy’s Heart is fit to burst with wit, jangle, and eclectic energy. As if the four-sided concept weren’t challenge enough, Commonwealth finishes with Forty Eight Portraits, an ingenious 18-minute pop suite that fills the entirety of Scott’s closing Spade side. Ultimately, what makes Commonwealth so special – and so distinctly Sloan – is how the fragmented approach in fact only serves to underscore the veteran band’s extraordinary strengths, showcasing the particular ingredients without ever losing sight of the sum of their parts.

Song cycles and concept-driven albums are nothing new to Sloan. Over the course of 10 albums and more than 30 singles – not to mention multiple EPs, hits and rarities collections, live albums and official bootlegs released, like all the band’s work, on their own independent label, Murderecords – the band has tackled countless creative conceits while ever forwarding a sonic palette that blends pure pop and radio rock into what is now a truly trademark sound; all big melodies and power hooks, cheeky charm and tearjerking introspection, rich harmonies and idiosyncratic personality.

Commonwealth follows 2011’s The Double Cross, which earned Sloan some of the most glowing notices of their acclaimed career. “(Sloan’s) impeccable power pop has often felt like the apotheosis of the genre,” wrote SPIN. “The hooks and harmonies rarely disappoint.” “An unapologetic celebration of Sloandom,” praised AV Club, “and a safe place for those who believe good dual-guitar breaks are the reason why we’re here on Earth.” Pitchfork summed it up best: “20 years in, they’ve made one of their best albums…That (Sloan) sound this creatively fresh this deep into their career is a real treat for people who’ve stuck with them through the years. If you’ve never given them a chance before, this is a great time to get to know them.”  



Diamond Side (Jay):
1) We’ve Come This Far
2) You’ve Got A Lot On Your Mind
3) Three Sisters
4) Cleopatra
5) Neither Here Nor There

Heart Side (Chris):
6) Carried Away
7) So Far So Good
8) Get Out
9) Misty’s Beside Herself
10) You Don’t Need Excuses To Be Good

Shamrock Side (Patrick):
11) 13 (Under A Bad Sign)
12) Take It Easy
13) What’s Inside
14) Keep Swinging (Downtown)

Spade Side (Andrew):
15) Forty-Eight Portraits

MARKETA IRGLOVA is gearing up for the release of her second solo album—Muna—on September 23 via Anti-. Marketa and Glen Hansard, who together are The Swell Season, both starred and performed their music in the treasured film Once, for which they won an Academy Award for the song “Falling Slowly.” The filmand their music, have since been translated to Once the Musical where it went on to win 8 Tony Awards and is currently still running both on Broadway and touring the world.
For Muna, Marketa wrote an ethereal 11 songs over the course of a year and recorded it in Iceland (where Marketa now resides with her new baby girl) within six months with producer/engineer Sturla Mio Thorisson at the helm.
“I had been to Iceland for the first time with the Swell Season,” Marketa says. “I fell in love with it then and was sad to leave, although I knew someday something would bring me back. I am inspired by the open space, the wilderness of the nature, the strong energy coming from the land. There is a harmony, a balance, something that allows for a freer flow of creativity. It is easier to be one with oneself and one with everything and everyone around. This makes for better art, in my opinion.”  Muna (“remember” in Icelandic, is a recurring theme throughout the breath of the album).
You can hear a brand new track from Muna, “This Right Here,” at http://youtu.be/N1eotn3hWGQ.
Muna features 27 musicians, utilizing full choral, string and percussion pieces, plus guests Rob Bochnik (The Frames), Iranian daf player and vocalist Aida Shahghasemi, as well as Marketa’s sister Zuzi on backing vocals. Inspiration for the album partially came from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar and a trilogy of books written by Neale Donald Walsh titled Conversations With God. Marketa recalls“I believe God speaks through us in many ways, beginning with simple acts of kindness and ending with pieces of art that inspire millions for generations. All that matters is to try and get in touch with that part of ourselves and trust that which comes forth. I tried to that with this record.”
Marketa Irglova makes otherworldly music with exotic textures, tones and spirituality. Overall the album’s musical and lyrical themes take solace from the smallness of individual concerns when contrasted with the scale of the universe. “The result,” says Marketa, “is from the process of growing up—going through difficult times, getting lost and feeling left alone to find my way back.” And back Marketa is with a new album on September 23 and a new tour with dates listed below.
Rosi Golan will support Marketa on the North American tour. Originally from Israel, Rosi traveled the world before setting up shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Since then, Rosi has released two albums (The Drifter & the Gypsy & Lead Balloon), with her unique blend of songs steeped in Americana, pop and thoughtful folk.  
DATE                         CITY/STATE                         VENUE
Wed, 10/8                  Ann Arbor, MI                       The Ark
Thur, 10/9                  Toronto, ON, Canada          Virgin Mobile Mod Club
Fri, 10/10                   New York, NY                       Le Poisson Rouge
Sat, 11/11                  Cambridge, MA                  The Sinclair
Sun, 10/12                Philadelphia, PA                  The World Café
Mon, 10/13                Washington, DC                  The Hamilton
Tue, 10/14                 Charlotte, NC                       Visulite Theatre
Wed, 10/15                Nashville, TN                       City Winery
Thur, 10/16                Chicago, IL                          Old Town School of Folk Music
Fri, 10/17                   Minneapolis, MN                 Cedar Cultural Center
Mon, 10/20                Vancouver, BC, Canada    St. James Hall
Tue, 10/21                 Seatle, WA                           Triple Door
Wed, 10/22                Portland, OR                        Alberta Rose Theatre
Thur, 10/23                San Francisco, CA              Bimbo’s 365 Club
Fri, 10/24                   Los Angeles, CA                 Hotel Café
Sat, 10/25                  Los Angeles, CA                 Hotel Café