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RCA Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release Way Down In The Jungle Room, a definitive new 2CD collection of Elvis Presley’s last studio recordings, on Friday, August 5.

The most complete and comprehensive collection of Presley’s final studio recordings ever assembled in one anthology, Way Down In The Jungle Room is an essential and welcome addition for every fan’s library. In the mid-1970s, Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, became another kind of pioneer as one of the world’s first major recording artists to create fully-realized professional level records in the intimacy of his own home studio.

With original recordings executive-produced by Elvis Presley with producer Felton Jarvis (who’d helmed most of Elvis’ records from 1966-1977), Way Down In The Jungle Room brings together, for the first time in one collection, master recordings and rare outtakes laid down during two mythic sessions (February 2-8, 1976 and October 28-30, 1976) in Graceland’s den–known as the “Jungle Room”–which was converted into a professional caliber recording studio for the purpose of capturing these indelible performances. The outtakes have been newly mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee.

For these sessions, Elvis was backed by many members of his longtime touring band including: James Burton (guitar), Ronnie Tutt(drums), David Briggs (keyboards), Glenn D. Hardin (keyboards), Jerry Scheff (bass), Norbert Putnam (bass) and J.D. Sumner & the Stamps (vocals).

In 1976, when the tracks for Way Down In The Jungle Room were cut, Elvis Presley had been an RCA Records recording artist for 20 years, inventing the sound and attitude that defined the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll. That same year, RCA released The Sun Sessions, the label’s first official collection of the electrifying 1954-1955 Elvis recordings that launched his career while transforming the world.

Having entered his 40s, Elvis Presley was evolving as an artist and, rather than bask in the nostalgia of his 1950s watershed recordings, was looking for new ways to express himself musically. Needing to create new sounds for a new era, Elvis Presley–who’d been charting on Country and Adult Contemporary stations–decided to convert the Hawaiian-themed “Jungle Room” (a relaxation den in his fabled Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee) into an informal home studio, where he could lay down tracks the way he wanted, outside the budget and scheduling pressures of the professional studios he’d worked in previously. With the help of RCA’s mobile recording truck and longtime producer Felton Jarvis and engineer Mike Moran at the board, Elvis tackled a far-ranging mix of country and pop covers (“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” “Danny Boy,” “Solitaire”) and late-period classics of his catalog, such as “Moody Blue” and “Way Down.”

Ten of the “Jungle Room” master takes first emerged on From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee in the spring of 1976, including the Top 10 hit “Hurt.” More tracks from these sessions were later paired with live material and released in July 1977 (a month before Elvis’ death on August 16) on the Moody Blue album. The title track would top the country charts that month; “Way Down” would follow. These were the last studio albums released during Elvis’ lifetime.

According to the album’s producers, Way Down In The Jungle Room has been resequenced to “bring a fresh perspective to the material.” The material on Disc 2 – The Outtakes was mixed for this collection at the Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis and includes both outtakes and in-the-studio dialog, providing a “fly-on-the-wall experience of what the sessions were like.” With the exception of track 13 (“She Thinks I Still Care”), the performances on Disc 2 have been sequenced in the order they were recorded.

Way Down In The Jungle Room with also be available on 150g 12″ vinyl in a 2LP gatefold sleeve and as a digital collection.

Elvis Presley
Way Down In The Jungle Room

01 Way Down (2:38)
02 She Thinks I Still Care (3:51)
03 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (3:17)
04 Pledging My Love (2:51)
05 For The Heart (3:22)
06 Love Coming Down (3:07)
07 He’ll Have To Go (4:32)
08 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (3:41)
09 Hurt (2:07)
10 Never Again (2:51)
11 Danny Boy (3:56)
12 Solitaire (4:40)
13 Moody Blue (2:49)
14 It’s Easy For You (3:27)
15 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (3:44)
16 The Last Farewell (4:02)

01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 1 (5:15)
02 She Thinks I Still Care – take 10 (6:30)
03 The Last Farewell – take 2 (4:15)
04 Solitaire – take 7 (5:37)
05 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – take 5 (4:04)
06 Moody Blue – take1 (3:53)
07 For The Heart – take 1 (3:55)
08 Hurt – take 3 (2:30)
09 Danny Boy – take 9 (4:02)
10 Never Again – take 9 – 3:56
11 Love Coming Down – take 3 (3:17)
12 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – take 4 (4:59)
13 She Thinks I Still Care – (alternate version) take 2 (4:26)
14 It’s Easy For You – take 1 – (5:24)
15 Way Down – take 2 – 3:50
16 Pledging My Love – take 3 (5:34)
17 For The Heart – take 4 (4:13)

Elvis Presley
Way Down In The Jungle Room

01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 1 (5:15)
02 She Thinks I Still Care – take 10 (6:30)
03 The Last Farewell – take 2 (4:15)
04 Solitaire – take 7 (5:37)

01 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – take 5 (4:04)
02 Moody Blue – take 1 (3:53)
03 For The Heart – take 1 (3:55)
04 Hurt – take 3 (2:30)
05 Danny Boy – take 9 (4:02)

01 Never Again – take 9 (3:56)
02 Love Coming Down – take 3 (3:17)
03 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – take 4 (4:59)
04 She Thinks I Still Care – (alternate version) take 2 (4:26)

01 It’s Easy For You – take 1 (5:24)
02 Way Down – take 2 (3:50)
03 Pledging My Love – take 3 (5:34)
04 For The Heart – take 4 (4:13)

Shakey Pictures will release two rare Neil Young films – the critically acclaimed director’s cut of the post-apocalyptic musical comedy Human Highway and the restored and remixed Rust Never Sleeps –a concert fantasy — on Blu-Ray and DVD for the first time via Reprise Records.

Rust Never Sleeps – a concert fantasy is a full-length feature including many of Young’s most popular songs, Rust Never Sleeps, digitally remixed and restored by Shakey Pictures for Blu-Ray and DVD, recently screened in sold-out theaters nationwide to ecstatic response and reviews and will be released July 1st.

Human Highway is Young’s 1982 legendary comedy starring Russ Tamblyn, Charlotte Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, and Devo, digitally remixed and restored by Shakey Pictures for Blu-Ray and DVD. This is the director’s cut of this cult classic, recently screened in sold-out theaters nationwide to ecstatic response and reviews. Human Highway will be released on July 22nd.

Pre-orders for both Blu-Ray and DVD are available now through Amazon.com and the Neil Young Store. Special bundles will be available exclusively through Neil Young Store only.

One of the most celebrated back catalogues in British music history is set to be rediscovered when New Order’s ‘Singles’ compilation is released in remastered and updated form on September 9th.

‘Singles’ charts New Order’s finest moments, ranging from their 1981 debut ‘Ceremony’ through to the influential classic ‘Blue Monday’ and other career highlights including ‘Confusion’, ‘True Faith’, ‘Regret’ and ‘Crystal’ plus the chart-topping football anthem ‘World in Motion’.

A decade after its initial release, ‘Singles’ has been refined to become a greatly improved representation of the band’s history. The renowned Frank Arkwright (The Smiths’ ‘Complete’) at Abbey Road has remastered the collection with all audio sourced from high quality transfers.

In addition, ‘Singles’ adds ‘I’ll Stay With You’ from 2013’s ‘Lost Sirens’ album and replaces the correct single edits or mixes for the tracks ‘Nineteen63’, ‘Run 2’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, ‘True Faith’, ‘Spooky’, ‘Confusion’ and ‘The Perfect Kiss’. The result is a considerable upgrade on the previous version of the album.

This new version of ‘Singles’ will be available on three formats: a heavyweight 180 gram 4LP vinyl box set, a double-CD and on digital/streaming services.

Side 1
Everything’s Gone Green (7” version)
Temptation (original 7” version)

Side 2
Blue Monday
Confusion (UK 7” promo edit)
Thieves Like Us (7” promo edit)

Side 3
The Perfect Kiss (7” edit)
Sub-Culture (7” edit)
Shellshock (7” edit)
State of the Nation (7” edit)

Side 4
Bizarre Love Triangle (7” remix edit)
True Faith (7” edit)
Touched by the Hand of God (7” edit)
Blue Monday ’88 (7” version)

Side 5
Fine Time (7” version)
Round and Round (7” version)
Run 2 (7” remix edit)
World in Motion

Side 6
Ruined in a Day (radio edit)
World (The Price of Love) (radio edit)
Spooky (minimix)
Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker radio remix)

Side 7
Crystal (radio edit)
60 Miles An Hour (radio edit)
Here To Stay (radio edit)
Krafty (single edit)

Side 8
Jetstream (radio edit)
Waiting for the Sirens’ Call (Rich Costey radio version)
Turn (Stephen Street edit)
I’ll Stay With You (‘Lost Sirens’ LP version)

Disc 1
1. Ceremony
2. Procession
3. Everything’s Gone Green (7” version)
4. Temptation (original 7″ version)
5. Blue Monday
6. Confusion (UK 7” promo edit)
7. Thieves Like Us (7” promo edit)
8. The Perfect Kiss (7” edit)
9. Sub-Culture (7” version)
10. Shellshock (7” edit)
11. State of the Nation (7” edit)
12. Bizarre Love Triangle (7” remix edit)
13. True Faith (7” edit)
14. Touched by the Hand of God (7” edit)
15. Blue Monday ’88 (7” version)

Disc 2
1. Fine Time (7” version)
2. Round and Round (7” version)
3. Run 2 (7” remix edit)
4. World in Motion
5. Regret
6. Ruined in a Day (radio edit)
7. World (The Price Of Love) (radio edit)
8. Spooky (minimix)
9. Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker radio remix)
10. Crystal (radio edit)
11. 60 Miles An Hour (radio edit)
12. Here To Stay (radio edit)
13. Krafty (single edit)
14. Jetstream (radio edit)
15. Waiting for the Sirens’ Call (Rich Costey radio version)
16. Turn (Stephen Street edit)
17. I’ll Stay With You (‘Lost Sirens’ LP version)

I’ve been playing this on repeat since it arrived this weekend. Troye Sivan‘s “Wild,” is a cool song already, but adding Alessia Cara breathes new life into the song.

Did you catch the new lyrics? Right as Alessia Cara‘s verse comes in (right after the 1min mark)?

We’re alike, you and I, two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds.
So can we make the most out of no time? Can you hold me?
Can you make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind?

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were one of the most successful, innovative and ground breaking British groups of the golden age of progressive rock. As well as creating spectacular ‘live’ shows that incorporated advanced technology and showmanship, they also recorded a cascade of powerful albums that sold in millions around the world. During 2016 and 2017 the band’s musical legacy will be celebrated by BMG with an important and comprehensive re-issue programme that will put the spotlight on ELP’s nine studio albums as well as their ‘live’ recordings and compilations. The trio’s remarkable style, combining original compositions with rock, jazz, folk and classical influences, was performed with passion and integrity by the founder members:

All these albums now serve as a fitting memorial to Keith Emerson, who died aged 71 on March 10th, 2016. When speaking about ELP’s career and achievements for the re-issue project he said: “Emerson, Lake and Palmer are very proud to have brought this great music to a new generation of musicians and fans.”

Their phenomenal mix of melodic songs, dynamic arrangements, brilliant musicianship and electrifying sound broadened the audience for progressive rock and guaranteed ELP massive international appeal, as they headlined stadium tours throughout the 1970s and 1990s and achieved sales of over 40 million albums. ELP also enjoyed two major hit singles with “Lucky Man” and “Fanfare For The Common Man”, and their 21 minute epic track “Tarkus” is hailed as a milestone in prog rock history.

New and old generations of fans will now be able to enjoy ELP’s music afresh, as their albums are released in a range of different formats, from CD and freshly cut vinyl LP to digital download, high definition digital and mastered for iTunes. Vinyl connoisseurs will be pleased that following a special request from Greg Lake, the LPs will be presented on 140 gm vinyl to ensure a superior high quality sound. LP inner bag features an explanation of this by Greg.

The group’s first three albums are scheduled for re-release on Friday, July, 29th.

All the CD version booklets will feature authoritative liner notes and interviews conducted in 2016 with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, by legendary rock journalist Chris Welch.

The band’s debut album, Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970) will be available as a 2 CD set with CD1 comprising the original album in its 2012 remastered edition. CD2 offers an Alternate Album in a 2012 Steven Wilson stereo mix, with bonus tracks. The LP version will be the original album, newly cut for the first time from 24 Bit/HD 2012 remasters. The Standard Digital Download will comprise the remastered 1970 album and an Alternate Album (2012 Stereo remix) with bonus tracks. The same contents will be available on MFiT and HD digital formats, all taken from the 2012 remasters.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer was first released after the group’s critically acclaimed debut show at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, when they performed to 600,000 people. Its dynamic original compositions and classical adaptations are brimful of Keith Emerson’s superb piano and Moog synthesizer work, Greg Lake’s magnificent vocals, bass and acoustic guitar playing and Carl Palmer’s lightning fast drumming.

Bartok’s “The Barbarian”, together with originals “Take A Pebble”, “Knife Edge”, and the three part suite “The Three Fates” are followed by “Tank” and Greg Lake’s ballad “Lucky Man” which was the band’s debut single and a huge UK and US hit. The Alternate album has 12 tracks peppered with bonus items notable an informal “Rave Up”, a Carl Palmer ‘Drum Solo,’ and alternate versions of “Take A Pebble”, “Knife Edge” and “Lucky Man”.

The band’s second album, Tarkus (1971) saw ELP take a new direction with yet more complex keyboard sounds. The title track took up the whole of side one of the original LP, and defined the band’s exultant, bombastic approach. “Jeremy Bender”, “Bitches Crystal”, “The Only Way (Hymn)”, “Infinite Space (Conclusion)”, “A Time And A Place”, and the rocking “Are You Ready Eddy?” complete this #1 UK album that also shot to #9 in the US charts.

CD1 comprises the 1971 album remastered in 2012 by renowned rock remastering engineer Andy Pearce. CD2 is the Steven Wilson Stereo Mix of the 2012 remaster, with bonus tracks taken from the original recording sessions. They are “Oh My Father”, “Unknown Ballad” and an alternate take of “Mass” from the extended piece Tarkus. The LP version is newly cut from the 2012 remaster, with original gatefold sleeve and artwork faithfully reproduced. The three Digital versions are also taken from the 2012 remasters.

ELP’S third album, Pictures At An Exhibition (1971) has been credited with inspiring many young musicians to embrace and study classical music. Based on the group’s enthusiastic interpretation of the famous work by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, it was a major hit and reached #3 in the UK and #10 in the US album charts. Pictures was recorded on March 21st, 1971 at Newcastle City Hall, where Emerson made use of the hall’s thunderous pipe organ.

The LP and Disc 1 of the CD comprises an excellent new remaster of the Pictures album from the original master tapes. On the 2CD set, tracks on CD1 include “Promenade”, “The Gnome”, “Promenade”, “The Sage”, “The Old Castle”, “Blues Variations”, another reprise of “Promenade”, “The Hut of Baba Yaga”, “The Curse of Baba Yaga”, “The Hut of Baba Yaga”, “The Great Gates of Kiev” and encore number “Nut Rocker” a hit by B.Bumble & The Stingers. Bonus tracks are a medley of ‘Pictures’ recorded ‘live’ at the Mar Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico, on December 4th, 1972. Disc 2 has another live performance of the extended work, recorded at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, on December 9th, 1970, complemented by live performances of ELP favourites “The Barbarian”, “Knife Edge”, “Rondo” and “Nut Rocker”.

Accompanying these three albums is a special 3 CD and Download release Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Anthology. Produced by Greg Lake, this superb, career-spanning set has 39 tracks from the years 1970 to 1998, the choice of material approved by all three band members. It is presented in special ‘casebound’ book packaging with detailed, informative sleeve notes by Chris Welch, illustrated with rare band photographs.

The songs are selected from the albums Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Tarkus, Pictures At An Exhibition, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery, Welcome Back My Friends To the Show That Never Ends, ‘orks Volume 1, Works Volume 2, Works Live, Love Beach, Live At Nassau Coliseum ‘78, Black Moon, In The Hot Seat, Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1993 and Then & Now.

Among the highlights are the band’s performance of Copland’s “Hoedown”, and their version of “Jerusalem” by William Blake and Hubert Parry. CD3 includes the stirring “Fanfare For The Common Man”, Keith Emerson’s hit rendition of the famed “Honky Tonk Train Blues”, Greg Lake’s 1975 solo hit “I Believe In Father Christmas” and the group’s menacing interpretation of the TV theme Peter Gunn. “Tiger In A Spotlight” is another live track, recorded at the group’s comeback show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Subsequent batches of important original ELP albums will be released by BMG later in 2016. They are Trilogy, (1972), Brain Salad Surgery (1973) and the unique triple live album Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (1974).

Believe it or not, there’s never actually been an official soundtrack release for the 1986 John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Now, to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, an official soundtrack will finally be released later this year (specific date TBA). The surprising reason there never was a soundtrack release: Hughes didn’t think anybody would want one. “I mean,” he said in an interview, “would kids want ‘Danke Schöen’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ on the same record?” We’re about to find out.


Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are pleased to announce that they have rescheduled as many tour dates in the fall as possible, that were previously postponed earlier this year. Tickets purchased for the original dates will be honored for the new dates or refunds will be available at point of purchase. Tears for Fears are currently working hard both in the US and the UK on their new record, which will be released in 2017 on Warner Bros. Records.


September 17 – Goldendale, WA @ Maryhill Winery
September 18 – Woodinville, WA @ Chateau St. Michelle
September 20 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Red Butte Garden
September 22 – Boise, ID @ Idaho Botanical Garden
September 23 – Reno, NV @ Silver Legacy Resort and Casino
September 26 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Mejier Gardens
September 27 – Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Theatre
September 30 – Windsor, ON @ The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor
October 1 – Orillia, ON @ Casino Rama Entertainment Center
October 3 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
October 5 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Pikes Peak Center
October 7 – Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre
October 8 – Temecula, CA @ Pechanga Theatre
October 9 – San Diego, CA @ Humphrey’s

Peter Gabriel has released a new song inspired by Muhammad Ali. Gabriel says he wrote “I’m Amazing” a few years ago, and decided to release it in the wake of Ali’s death.

Peter explained the story behind the track in a short post on Facebook. “I wrote a song a few years back – ‘I’m Amazing,’ which was, in part, inspired by Muhammad Ali’s life and struggles,” Gabriel wrote. “At the time of his death, when so many people are celebrating his life and thinking about all he achieved, it seemed the right time to release it.”

As part of Verve Records’ ongoing 60th anniversary celebration, Verve/UMe is proud to announce the July 15 release of eight essential Diana Krall albums in 180-gram, 2-LP vinyl reissues. The renowned pianist and vocalist has called Verve home for the vast majority of her illustrious career, and these new versions of her recordings originally released between 1996 and 2009 showcase many of her finest moments in lustrous vinyl format.

These reissues, which each feature the original album in its entirety on two LPs, range from intimate trio sessions to celebratory big band outings, songbook standards to modern pop favorites and memorable original songs. All feature Krall’s expressive voice and deft piano playing, along with production by three-time GRAMMY Award-winner Tommy LiPuma.

The series begins with All For You, Krall’s reverent tribute to the Nat King Cole Trio, originally released by impulse! in 1996. The album features Krall leading a trio with guitarist Russell Malone and bassist Paul Keller through some of the legendary pianist/singer’s most beloved tunes, with guest appearances by pianist Benny Green and percussionist Steve Kroon. Its follow-up, 1997’s Love Scenes, includes 13 of Krall’s favorite love songs, performed by her trio with Malone and Christian McBride on bass.

A distinctly orchestral sound comes to the forefront on Krall’s official Verve debut, When I Look in Your Eyes, released in 1999. Eight of the album’s 13 tracks feature strings conducted by veteran composer/arranger Johnny Mandel along with an all-star jazz ensemble. The symphonic approach was expanded even further for The Look of Love (2001), which spotlights Krall’s vocals backed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Recorded live during Krall’s sold-out run at the legendary Olympia Music Hall in Paris in late 2001, Live in Paris captures the energy and spark of Krall’s concert performances. The album’s dozen songs feature several of Krall’s regular collaborators, including guitarist Anthony Wilson, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Jeff Hamilton, as well as Orchestre Symphonique Européen, conducted by pianist/arranger Alan Broadbent.

The Girl in the Other Room (2004) was Krall’s first release to prominently feature her own original songs, many of them written in collaboration with her husband, Elvis Costello. She returned to the Great American Songbook for 2006’s From This Moment On, which garnered a Best Jazz Vocal Album nomination at the 2007 GRAMMY® Awards. The series concludes with Krall’s 2009 album, Quiet Nights—her tenth release—highlighted by GRAMMY® Award-nominated arrangements from frequent collaborator Claus Ogerman.

Diana Krall is a star in a long line of revered and influential artists who have been featured on Verve throughout the label’s 60 years. Verve was founded in 1956 by Norman Granz, the forward-thinking impresario responsible for the hugely popular Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts, which brought the music to new audiences and garnered jazz an unprecedented level of respect in popular culture. Granz also managed Ella Fitzgerald and launched the label in large part to create new opportunities worthy of the singer’s immense talent, including her landmark series of “Songbook” recordings.

Under the visionary leadership of Granz and, after MGM purchased the imprint in 1961, Creed Taylor, Verve continued to set new trends. The label sparked the Bossa Nova craze with the 1964 release of the GRAMMY® Award-winning Getz/Gilberto and brought a lush, elegant new sound to jazz with the arrangements of Claus Ogerman and Oliver Nelson. Its focus eventually widened to encompass groundbreaking comedy, folk and rock recordings, including now-iconic releases by The Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Janis Ian and Laura Nyro.

It was its jazz legacy that cemented Verve’s place in the popular imagination, however, and after a fallow period in the ’70s and ’80s Verve was revived in the mid-1990s, again signing many of the biggest names in music: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John Scofield, Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln and Shirley Horn, all of whom recorded for Verve during this period.

Over the course of its six-decade history, Verve has become synonymous with the very best in jazz, venerating the music while charting its course and helping to break down racial and stylistic barriers. There’s no better way to celebrate that legacy than with the music itself, and 2016’s 60th anniversary releases invite listeners to revisit the breathtaking sounds of Verve in new and exhilarating ways.

One of the greatest live sets ever, Van Morrison’s ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW… is getting a remaster and released as VOLUMES II, III, IV & DVD on Friday, June 10.

A 3CD/1DVD collection of previously unreleased live concert recordings from Morrison’s mythic 1973 tour with the Caledonia Soul Orchestra, ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW…VOLUMES II, III, IV & DVD collates peak performances originally recorded at three venues: The Troubadour in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Civic Center, and The Rainbow Theatre in London. The set’s DVD features professionally-lensed live footage from the Rainbow Theatre, which originally aired on the BBC in the UK and is now available for the first time as a commercial home video release.

Often cited as one of the best live albums ever made, Van Morrison’s original ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW… has been remastered in 24-bit high resolution sound and will be available in both 2CD and 2LP configurations, creating the first vinyl pressing of the album in more than 25 years plus availability of the album to hi-res partners (Mastered for iTunes, HD Tracks, Pono).

Morrison’s highly acclaimed 1973 concert album was compiled from eight sets of live performances–recorded at The Troubadour, the Santa Monica Civic Center and The Rainbow Theatre–and was notably free of any post-performance overdubs or studios “fixes”. ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW…VOLUMES II, III, IV & DVD returns to those original performances, first captured on two-inch 16-track analog tapes, and, through the mastery of noted engineer Guy Massey, puts the contemporary listener in the enviable position of being sonically present at each venue. All of the recordings on the new collection have been previously unavailable and none of them overlap with the performances on “Volume I” of ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW….

“I am getting more into performing,” said Van Morrison in 1973, during his tour with his newly-formed Caledonia Soul Orchestra. “It’s incredible…. All of a sudden I felt like ‘you’re back into performing’ and it just happened like that…. A lot of times in the past I’ve done gigs and it was rough to get through them. But now the combination seems to be right and it’s been clicking a lot.”

Morrison’s 1973 tour found the Irish soul singer at the peak of his powers, returning to the stage to deliver scorching definitive renditions of the signature material comprising his catalog at the time, from the R&B/rock roots of THEM to the haunting folk soul of Astral Weeks and Moondance in songs like “Gloria,” “Into The Mystic,” “Warm Love,” “Domino” and more. Accompanied by the 11-piece Caledonia Soul Orchestra, featuring two horn players and a four-piece string section, Van Morrison set a new standard for live performance while ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW… raised the bar on what was possible on a concert recording.

Each disc on ..IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW…VOLUMES II, III, IV & DVD features previously unreleased performances, newly remixed from the original multitrack recordings by Guy Massey (the acclaimed engineer behind the remasters of The Beatles and Paul McCartney). Massey’s new mixes recreate the sonic atmosphere of each venue, from the standing-room-only intimacy of The Troubadour to the expansive excitement filling the 3,000-seat Rainbow Theatre.

Van Morrison

VOLUME II (Recorded live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, May 23, 1973)

Come Running (Van Morrison)
These Dreams Of You (Van Morrison)
The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)
Snow In San Anselmo (Van Morrison)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
Purple Heather (Van Morrison)
Hey, Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams)
Bein’ Green (Joseph G. Raposo)
Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Listen To The Lion (Van Morrison)
Hard Nose The Highway (Van Morrison)
Moondance (Van Morrison)
Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)
Caravan (Van Morrison)
VOLUME III (Recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic, California, June 29. 1973)

I’ve Been Working (Van Morrison)
There There Child (Van Morrison, John Platania)
No Way (Jeff Labes)
Since I Fell For You (Woodrow Buddy Johnson)
Wild Night (Van Morrison)
I Paid The Price (Van Morrison, John Platania)
Domino (Van Morrison)
Gloria (Van Morrison)
Buona Sera (Carl Sigman, Peter De Rose)
Moonshine Whiskey (Van Morrison)
Ain’t Nothing You Can Do (Don D. Robey, Joseph Wade Scott)
Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket (Sonny Boy Williamson)
Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles)
VOLUME IV (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 23 & 24, 1973)

Listen To The Lion (Van Morrison)
I Paid The Price (Van Morrison, John Platania)
Bein’ Green (Joseph G. Raposo)
Since I Fell For You(Woodrow Buddy Johnson)
Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
Everyone (Van Morrison)
I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles)
Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
Wild Children (Van Morrison)
Here Comes The Night (Bert Berns)
Buona Sera (Carl Sigman, Peter De Rose)
Domino (Van Morrison)
Caravan (Van Morrison)
Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)
DVD (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 24, 1973)

Here Comes The Night (Bert Berns)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Moonshine Whiskey (Van Morrison)
Moondance (Van Morrison)
Help Me (Ralph Bass, Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson)
Domino (Van Morrison)
Caravan (Van Morrison)
Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)