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I’ve posted a few times on Twitter the story of some band called The Beatles playing The Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, on December 9th, 1961. The Beatles’ then agent, Sam Leach, apparently screwed up and didn’t advertise the show properly—hence the turnout of less than two dozen people in attendance. Sam Leach was replaced by Brian Epstein as their manager after the Aldershot show.

However, according to Beatles’ Source, Sam Leach didn’t screw up, but, “The local newspaper, Aldershot News, neglected to feature Sam Leach’s advertisement for the show.” If this is true, you can’t really blame Leach, but I suppose it’s too late for an apology.

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The story behind this 1951 photoshoot appears to be contested. Some say it was a response to a journalist who criticized Monroe’s less-than-modest clothing, calling her “cheap” and “vulgar,” and saying she’d be better suited to a potato sack. Another, more complimentary version says the pictures were inspired by a comment that Monroe could make even a potato sack look good. Either way, I’m good.

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Saul Goodman Ralph Steadman
Saul Goodman by Ralph Steadman

For the upcoming limited-edition Blu-ray release of Breaking Bad, show creator Vince Gilligan joined forces with Gonzo illustrator and Hunter S. Thompson BFF Ralph Steadman to create six different covers for each season of the show. Available in February, these spectacular collectibles will be sold exclusively by Zavvi.com ($30 bucks each). Pre-order is going on now but you’re already too late if you wanted the Gus “The Chicken Man” Fring edition for season four (as well as Mike Ehrmantraut’s season five and Hank Schrader’s show finale edition) as they’ve already sold-out. Maybe there’s a way to get some extra cash to buy them on eBay. If only there was a show that taught you how to make something in demand…

Images from each of the six covers follow.

Gus Fring by Ralph Steadman
Gus Fring

Walter White by Ralph Steadman
Walter White

Hank Scrader by Ralph Steadman
Hank Schrader

Mike Ehrmantraut by Ralph Steadman
Mike Ehrmantraut

Jesse Pinkman by Ralph Steadman
Jesse Pinkman

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